PureVPN Vs ExpressVPN – Which VPN Should You Get?


A VPN is a security tool that protects users’ online privacy and internet connection. There are a wide variety of cyber threats that make it scary to use the internet nowadays. Using a VPN is the only solution to surf the web in secrecy. VPNs are becoming more beneficial, whether for accessing restricted websites or setting up a safe workspace from home. 

ExpressVPN and PureVPN are two well-known VPN providers. Both providers are located in countries other than the United States, which in itself is preferable from a privacy perspective. 

In order to help you decide which VPN to get, this article will provide an in-depth comparison of PureVPN vs ExpressVPN on some factors like no-log policy, price, features, etc. 

So let’s check the detailed comparison of ExpressVPN vs PureVPN to get the perfect VPN for your needs.

Price Comparison

PureVPN comes up with 3 pricing plans. Its 24-month plan is the cheapest as it costs you $1.99/mo with 82% off, its 1-year plan cost is $3.24/mo with 70% off, and 1 month which is an expensive plan costs you $10.95/mo.

Whereas ExpressVPN is more expensive compared to PureVPN. Just like PureVPN, ExpressVPN also offers 3 pricing plans. Its cheapest plan price is $8.32/mo with a 35% discount, the 6-month plan comes up with the cost of $9.99/mo and its 1-month price is $12.95/mo. When comparing both VPNs, ExpressVPN is costly but its features and reliability make it one of the best VPN services in the industry.

Features – PureVPN vs ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a well-known VPN when it comes to features. It provides great features including Stealth servers, TrustedServer, Split tunneling, Lightway, kill switch, Port forwarding, MediaStreamer, and more.  Moreover, ExpressVPN offers 5 device connections on just one subscription. On the other hand, PureVPN offers 10 device connections per account and offers Kill Switch, 256-Bit Encryption, IP Address Masking, Port Forwarding, and more. 

PureVPN’s extensions, on the other hand, function rather like a proxy thus simply securing your web browsing activity. When using an open, public Wi-Fi network, the ExpressVPN mobile app will instantly connect you to the service. Both include an option to enable non-encrypted data transfer across the VPN connection. Both providers offer add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 

Servers Location Comparison

Things can get pretty surprising in terms of server locations. PureVPN has 6000+ servers whereas ExpressVPN provides 3000+ servers across the world. In addition, PureVPN offers servers in 78 countries while ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries. 

Privacy Policy – ExpressVPN vs PureVPN

ExpressVPN does not keep any user records or personally identifying information. Some data is aggregated and stored for later use in analysis and diagnosis. Nothing here, however, can be used to identify you or your whereabouts. The company’s location in the British Virgin Islands also means it is not bound by local laws requiring it to retain any records of its customers’ online activities. The PureVPN headquarters relocated to the British Virgin Islands from Hong Kong in late 2021. 

Additionally, unlike many other VPNs, it does not store connection records as well as activity logs. The VPN’s privacy rules are also among the most transparent we’ve encountered. All you need to do is give an email address; no other personal information is required. 

Unblocking Netflix and other Restricted Sites

With regards to unblocking capabilities, ExpressVPN is unrivaled. It unblocks Amazon Prime Video, a notoriously difficult service, and many other big streaming sites like Hulu, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, etc easily. Also, unlike its competitors, ExpressVPN can access Netflix libraries from over ten different countries. This is a huge deal since most VPNs can only access American and British catalogs.

Indeed, PureVPN delivers good unblocking results. It unblocks geo-blocked streaming services such as BBC iPlayer. Users of PureVPN also have access to several Netflix regions, including the popular Netflix Japan. Not only does this VPN save you the trouble of guessing which servers will work, but it also informs you which servers are capable of unblocking a certain service.

Torrenting Comparison

ExpressVPN allows BitTorrent and other P2P file-sharing protocols on all of its servers. Its strong encryption level and fast P2P speeds across all VPN servers make it the best option for securely downloading torrents.

Although PureVPN does support P2P sharing on certain of its plans, its privacy policies may cause a pause for torrents. So, here we can also say that ExpressVPN is the best choice if you are more into torrenting. 

Customer Support – PureVPN vs ExpressVPN

Both ExpressVPN, as well as PureVPN, make it simple to contact customer support whenever it’s necessary. Both VPNs have a searchable base of knowledge, a support desk that is available through live chat around the clock, as well as a YouTube channel that is loaded with video tutorials.

Final Verdict

These two VPN services have been examined by us in a variety of crucial aspects. Despite the fact that ExpressVPN is somewhat more expensive than PureVPN, it is clear that ExpressVPN is the superior option among these two VPNs. It is an all-rounder winner! 

In addition, ExpressVPN is quicker, less complicated to set up on a router, plus capable of accessing a significant number of Netflix libraries than its competitors. Because of all of these factors, we have decided to include ExpressVPN in our choice of the best VPNs overall. It goes without saying that ExpressVPN will be capable of handling pretty much whatever you hurl at it! 


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