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If you ever found yourself obsessing over something, then you will find some relevance in the “Your Boyfriend Game“. This game is purely made on obsessiveness and violence about a romantic relationship!

Your Boyfriend Game Download for your PC
Your Boyfriend Game Download for your PC

Your Boyfriend Game is about an obsessive, possessive, unstable, violent, and desperate boyfriend who will go to any length to show his love. It’s basically a dating simulator where you control the main character named the boyfriend to fulfill his needs by any means.


Think you are strong enough to handle this violent yet fun game? Well, here are the features that might make you stay with it for a long time-

Tons of Characters

There are really a bunch of characters in the game that make you engage in the game profoundly. From the main protagonist, Y/N, to the infamous boyfriend, Peter, you get a range of characters that carry the storyline with commitment.

Additionally, you get introduced to new characters throughout the gameplay. First, you get to know Y/N’s roommate, Lucy, and then Sarah, Peter’s sister. After that, more characters such as Roy, Don, and Tk are introduced, and more characters are yet to be revealed.

Simple Control

The game has the basic control you can expect from a dating simulator. You can use the arrow keys to select certain options and communicate in the game. Press the ‘ESC’ button to quit the gameplay.

Where to Play Your Boyfriend Game?

You can play Your Boyfriend Game on many platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download the lasted Day 1 demo version from here or the official Blackshepard website.

How to Download Your Boyfriend Game?

Here is the detailed process on how to download Your Boyfriend game-

Step 1: First, go to the very top of this website’s page and click on the download button.

Clik on the download button
Click on the download button

Step 2: Wait for the main download page to load and click on the download button again.

Your Boyfriend Game Click on the Download Button to start downloading it
Your Boyfriend Game Click on the Download Button to start downloading it

Step 3: After you started the download, wait for the download to finish and follow the installation guide.

How to Install Your Boyfriend Game?

As of now, Your Boyfriend game is ready to extract and play because of its portable build. So, here’s the process to get into the action of this game from the start-

Step 1: Look for the compressed file named “WIN_YBF_Demo.zip”.

Look for WIN_YBF_Demo.zip file
Look for the WIN_YBF_Demo.zip file

Step 2: Extract the file anywhere depending on your preference.

Extract the compressed file
Extract the compressed file

Step 3: Go to the extracted folder and locate the “YourBoyfriend.exe” executable file.

Run the YourBoyfriend.exe file and enjoy the Game
Run the YourBoyfriend.exe file and enjoy the Game

Step 4: launch the game and have fun!

Note: The game is still in the development phase so expect some bugs and glitches.


  • Simple and interactive interface
  • Decent Graphics and artwork
  • Unique and original plot
  • Free to play


  • The story can be gruesome for some
  • Still in the development phase


For those who are under 18, it’s best for you to avoid this game without thinking twice.

However, if you like violence and keep your head clear while playing anything gore and rough, it’s okay for you to try it out. Still, be careful and be sure not to get influenced by any character in the game.


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