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Your Boyfriend Game 1.0

Publisher: Black Shepherd License: Demo
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Your Boyfriend Game download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Your Boyfriend Game is a novel simulation game available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a violent, vicious, horrifying, and desperate game designed for adults. The game contains mature content and creepy scenarios that depend on your decisions. 

Like many other popular dating or simulator games, it also lets the players decide how they want to play. The game starts with a creepy boyfriend who is the central character. The players can take the role of Y/N, with a young avatar who is involved with a character called “Your Boyfriend“. 

This game is not for mild, lighthearted people because it has many dark and horror elements. Those who love horror visuals, jumpscares, and violent content will enjoy this dark simulator game. 

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Excellent Visuals

The game has incredible graphics for a dating simulator. The visuals perfectly mix with the sounds and dialogues. It offers a unique experience than most other dating games.

Easy Controls 

The controls are very easy to use. You just have to choose your actions based on the situation. Your decisions will lead to the end of the game.

Your Boyfriend Game Day 1

Horrifying Yet Exciting

The storyline is very mature and violent. However, the visuals and the plot are very different, and that makes it unique for the players. It is not your typical light-themed dating game.

Your Boyfriend Game Dating

How to download and install Your Boyfriend game on PC

You can easily download and install this awesome game on your Windows PC. Just follow these steps-

Downloading process

Step 1: First, click on the download button placed top right side of this page.

Click on the download button to go to the download page of Your Boyfriend game
Click on the download button to go to the download page of Your Boyfriend game

Step 2: After clicking on the download button you will be redirected to the download page of this game.

Your Boyfriend game download page
Your Boyfriend game download page

Step 3: From the download page, click on the download button to start downloading Your Boyfriend game.

Click on the download button to start download the game
Click on the download button to start downloading the game

Installation process

As this game is portable so you don’t need to install it. Just follow these steps to start playing Your Boyfriend game.

Step 1: After downloading Your Boyfriend game you will find a zip file named ““.

Your Boyfriend game Downloaded file
Your Boyfriend game Downloaded file

Step 2: Extract the zip file using this option: “Extract to ‘WIN_YBF_Demo’“.

Extract the zip file
Extract the zip file
Zip file extracted
Zip file extracted

Step 3: Now open the extracted folder. In that folder, you will find a .exe file named “YourBoyfriend.exe“.

Run YourBoyfriend.exe file
Run YourBoyfriend.exe file

Step 4: Run the “YourBoyfriend.exe” file and enjoy your game.


  • Visually stunning and full of exciting graphics.
  • The plot is unique.
  • Free to download.
  • Controls are easy to use.


  • Violent and aggressive content.
  • Short gameplay time.

FAQ About the Your Boyfriend Game

What is Your Boyfriend game?

The Boyfriend game is a simulator game developed by Black Shepherd. It has some extremely mature and adult content that many gamers love.

Is Your Boyfriend game free?

The game is free to download for most Android phones having Android version 5.0 and up

How can I get my boyfriend out of the game?

You will find your boyfriend as soon as you start playing the game. You don’t have to unlock anything.

Why does Peter not like his name?

Peter does not like his name because it’s too normal. He would rather be called ‘Cockbite’.

Where to play Your Boyfriend game?

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time and get to know your boyfriend better, then you should try playing a boyfriend game. Many different games are available online, and most are free to download. Just be sure to read the instructions before starting, so you know how to play properly.

Is Your Boyfriend game finished?

No, this game has not finished yet. The developers of this game are still working so hard to complete it. But there is a demo version of it which you can download from here.

What is your Boyfriend game’s real name?

Yes, it is the real name of this game. This is a story-based game where you need to make a stranger as your boyfriend. On this concept, the game was named.

Who is the creator of Your Boyfriend game?

The developer of this game is Melissa King and this game was released by BlackShepherd.

How to play Your Boyfriend game?

This easy-to-use program allows you to take control of one of your partner’s virtual characters and guide them through a series of challenging puzzles and mini-games. Whether you’re trying to win a rose or just have some fun, playing the boyfriend game is sure to get the two of you laughing and bonding in the process.


If you’re looking for a unique Android game to spend time on, The Boyfriend Game will excite you. It provides the players with gripping scenarios and a unique plot depending on the actions. So, download the game now to enjoy it.

Change log

DAYS 1 AND 2 FOR MAC Released on 03/30/2022

  • Day 1 and Day 2 have been released for macOS.

UPDATES! Released on 01/17/2022

  • The macOS version of this has been updated and now supports more smoothly.

UPDATES! Released on 12/29/2021

  • Made the more efficient, faster, and tighter.
  • New voices & artworks have been added.
  • The story path is extended on Day 3
  • Anti-piracy policy has been added to the game.
  • Some bug was fixed that caused the game to crash.
  • Some grammatical issues were fixed.

DAY 3 (BETA) RELEASE Released on 08/27/2021

  • Day 3 has been released.

DEMO UPDATES Released on 06/27/2021

  • Brocken story path was fixed which was reported previously.
  • The prototypes for macOS and Linux have been published.
  • Demos have been moved to another server for faster download.

PATCH UPDATE Released on 05/13/2021

  • Some grammatical issues were fixed on Day 1 and Day 2.

DAY 2 and DAY 1 DEMO V0.5 Released on 10/31/2020

  • Halloween celebration: Day 1 and Day 2 have been released.
  • Added new art, characters, backgrounds, and branching paths on day 2 and it may change depending on the choices of Day 1.
  • Includes edits and expansions to the base Day 1.
  • Day 1 has expanded and edited some context.
  • Now you can resize the game screen as you want.

V0.4 “FULL DAY 1” Beta Released on 09/13/2020

  • Improvements to dialogue choices and their impact on the story.
  • Day 1 was released completely.
  • Unity and Fungus engine is updated.
  • Additional endings depend on player choices.
  • New scenes and interactions with Peter, potentially expanding on existing routes or introducing new ones.
  • A Lot of “easter eggs” has been added

V0.3 Beta Released on 09/19/2019

  • A game restarting option was added at the end of the Demo game.
  • Dynamic ending added according to the replays.
  • Unnecessary code has been removed.
  • Unity and Fungus engine is updated.
  • Published this game for Linux

Your Boyfriend Game 1.0

103.2 MB

App Informations

App Name: Your Boyfriend Game
Version: 1.0
License: Demo
Publisher: Black Shepherd
Category: Games , Role-playing Games
Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name:
File Size: 103.2 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code: 7ae146fe6f848465525372c8f6bf6f28f938bf4eaa9719d0a4b3bb4cbc0c6bd7
VirusTotal Scan Report: Check Report
Date Published: 24, November 2021
Date Modified: 08, January 2024

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