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All in One – System Rescue Toolkit (AiO-SRT)

Publisher: Paul Vreeland

All in One – System Rescue Toolkit is designed to help a technician quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and repair Windows-based PCs. The Lite version is also available.

Try downloading Malwarebytes for scanning and live security.

You can access the Live CD component of your disk by booting your computer from the AiO-SRT CD or USB. The Live CD environment is a customizable Ubuntu environment powered by BIOS and UEFI boot (should support newer Apple hardware), Ethernet / Wireless networks, mdadm linux device raid setups, dmraid “fakeraid” setups.

The Live CD section contains the following utilities:

When the AiO-SRT CD or USB is inserted into a Windows device, the AiO-SRT.exe program can be run and includes the following utilities:

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