How to make video calls that win more clients


With the invention of the Internet, people have gotten several means of communication, from online chatting to audio and video calling. The latter is particularly important these days, for it allows people to communicate with one another while staying at home. Not only that, video calls have recently proved useful when reaching out to people with a view to converting them into clients.

Video calls can be your go-to if you have a product or service you want people to use. But before you make the first call, you need to be fully prepared, as the process of winning customers is no cakewalk. Apart from using the right color tool for designing captivating visuals, creating an eye-catching profile and its main picture, and securing a solid Internet connection, you should also pay close attention to many other things. Let’s look at them in a broader scope.

Video calls: An outstanding chance to multiply customers

Since many ways of interacting with clients exist, you may wonder what makes video calls remarkable. It is a truism that people are very distrustful these days. They don’t usually take various messages about promoted goods and services seriously. Even if you compose a friendly and impeccable email, there is a high chance your recipient will leave it unread. In turn, video calls are essential because they:

  • Allow for in-real-life communication
  • Prove that you value clients
  • Let patrons provide feedback on your services
  • Announce important releases people can’t miss
  • Gather valuable opinions and can do statistical analysis for marketing purposes

The list can, of course, be more extensive. But the point is, that video calls are in the limelight because of their effectiveness, which is why it’s crucial to make your video communication meaningful.

Getting the most from video calls: How to eke out clients

So, assume you have analyzed your target audience and know what they’re interested in the most, what they anticipate experiencing from your product or service, and what questions they might pose during your talk. In that case, your next move is to complete the following tips.

Make a catchy introduction of you and your business

The introduction is widely believed to be the core element that significantly impacts the recipient. Your presentation might be extraordinary and gripping, but if the introduction lacks a hook, the audience will unlikely learn the best part of the presentation. That’s why make sure to come up with a catchy intro to make sure your interlocutor is aware of basic information about it and your brand’s focal principles.

Like with marketing copies, the introduction of your business doesn’t have to be lengthy. A one or two-minute introduction will be more than enough.

Do not impose your products or services

Many business owners commit a common and severe mistake by making their call too pushy. It often seems as if they nudge clients to buy the product. Whatever your area of operation, under no circumstances should you mirror their calling strategy.

Your speaker may not be entirely interested in your product at the time of the talk; yet, they can write down the product and do their research later, which increases the chances of potential cooperation.

Otherwise, if you impose your product and push the client to make the decision now, you will likely lose this exact person becoming a customer. Instead of arm-twisting, focus on describing your product/service and highlighting its unique features.

Remember to share your works if you render services

Suppose you provide online services like graphic design or social media marketing to attract more people. In that case, you’d strive to show your previous works and overall provide your portfolio. It’s possible to do that during a video call.

For example, you may include a link to your portfolio so that the person you’re having a conversation with can check your works after the call. You may also add some stimuli and attach a screenshot of your work. It will spark the interlocutor’s curiosity and motivate them to look at your portfolio, visit the link with your works, or download the PDF file and learn more about you and your competence.

Compose an attention-getting presentation and develop it

No matter what platform you choose–be it Zoom, MS Teams, or Skype–you are encouraged to build a presentation and develop it as you speak. It will draw the speaker’s attention and jazz up the entire call.

Remember that the visual part matters the most when working on a presentation. Don’t overwhelm the person with the amount of information put in the presentation. Data and verifiable information are paramount, and they sure have to be found in your presentation. But ensure to make it brief and accurate. It’s always best to have less information and develop it orally.


Video calls hold a firm place among effective ways of brand-client communication. Notably, such communication is flexible and lets business owners talk with customers from all across the globe. And while flexibility is evident, it’s the format of video calls that often determines whether you’ve attracted the client or not. Above, you may see that retaining old clients and winning new ones is doable. So, wait no longer; use the mentioned tips and upgrade your business right now!


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