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An on-rails running redirection, Pepsiman places major parts in the aspect of Pepsi’s Japanese mascot, who must stifle people’s thirst with his name-mark items.


Pepsiman is a Japanese redirection for the Playstation released in 1999, stressing the Japanese mascot for Pepsi, Pepsiman. The interactivity itself is absolutely on rails, involving Pepsiman running starting with one finish of the level then onto the next, getting Pepsi jostles and using Pepsi-stamped candy machines as a reconsideration. A couple of levels work up the ongoing interaction by either controlling Pepsiman in lopsided situations that change the controls or by having him run a long way from a nonconformist gigantic Pepsi can sneaking around. Besides, the preoccupation in like manner attributes live development Fmvs that portray a hefty American man who serves little explanation other than to additionally broadcast the things outlined inside the entertainment.

Ongoing interaction

The preoccupation is apportioned into four territories, each comprised of two phases. Each locale starts off with Pepsiman being drawn closer by individual with an issue, usually including people whose thirst uncontrollably should be stifled, rather with Pepsi. At the point when the redirection get going, there’s an initiation clock and the level must be finished before it shows up at zero. Saw from the third individual perspective, Pepsiman experiences the level promptly while the player controls his course, left or right, and three core improvements: sliding, running and jumping. Other than everything else, Pepsiman needs to bounce over open sewer vents, keep away from moving toward movement, slide under semi trucks and through people’s homes, and dodge trash/furniture dropping out of trucks driving before him. The player moreover needs to accumulate minor containers of Pepsi en route. There are 100 in each stage, and assembling them extends Pepsiman’s lives. With each stage the difficulty increases, and the last levels are known to be seriously trying.

Random data

Notwithstanding being released just in Japan, all the entertainment menus, talk and Fmvs are in English, making it outstandingly import very much arranged in the West.

When Pepsiman, the craftsman, KID Corp., was better known for making grown-up diversions for the Sega Saturn.

The redirection was so standard in Egypt that someone decided to make an Arabic named type of the delight.

A couple of levels in the preoccupation are reliant upon Pepsi’s TV advertisements where Pepsiman started from.

The preoccupation circle could be played as a sound CD, and joins 7 tracks, which are all surrounding hints of the delight’s levels.

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