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Timer Resolution 1.2

By: Lucas Hale (Free)

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Clock Resolution will let you change the goals of your default Windows clock surprisingly fast. As you most likely are aware, the standard clock for a Windows PC can differ somewhere in the range of 10 and 25 milliseconds.

You won’t get the outcomes you need if the code utilizes a clock or rest esteem not exactly the clock goals of your framework. Clock Resolution will empower you to all around change the clock goals while the application is running and it will rapidly return to the past worth when it is shut.

It will concentrate on exactness, and it will quantify time in shorter unit augmentations to acquire a higher precision on Windows, yet in addition on games like Fortnite. It can offer the exactness any client needs, and the precision relies upon the preparing intensity of the host framework.

In the event that your processor is quick, you will see that the time estimation is additionally progressively precise. The entirety of the stopwatch capacities will be anything but difficult to control, and you will see that the stopwatch will be shown with the quantity of hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds.

You can change this default group in the Settings window. There will be a few catches you can use to control the stopwatch clock, and you can likewise control it by means of hotkeys. In the event that you have issues with your hotkeys, you ought to restart the application and give it the authoritative benefits.

You can begin the clock and furthermore stop it or even take round occasions. Clock Resolution is a high precision stopwatch clock for Windows which you will discover truly valuable in your work.

Timer Resolution
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