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vCard Wizard Contacts Converter

Publisher: 4Team Corporation

For making contact conversion quick, hassle-free, and error-free vCard Wizard Contacts Converter is the best solution. It allows you to convert, merge, and back up multiple or selected contacts/contact files to CSV, VCF, vCard files to the preferred destinations. 

Moreover, it organizes contact data containing name, email address, birth date, location, telephone number, address, and other details. This converter supports sources like Google, Gmail, Office 365, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iCloud.

vCard Wizard is entirely Microsoft Outlook-friendly. It freely converts Outlook contacts, sends contacts from Outlook to a cell phone, and imports/exports contacts between vCard and Outlook. Also, it lets you transfer contact data between iPhone and Android. 

One of the attractive updates of this converter is the direct transfer of contacts from and to Excel files. First, convert your contacts to a CSV/VCF file; second, open it in Excel; third, email the Excel file to others. 

With the advanced filtering option, you can export contacts by criteria; such as ‘by search’, ‘by source’, etc. Again, the vCard converter offers duplicate resolution options to avoid duplicate contacts from being imported. 

Being mini in size, the vCard Wizard contacts converter for Windows is available in free and paid versions. The free version comes with a 14 days trial period that lets the user import/export five contacts at a time. 

However, the premium version enables unlimited importing and exporting and provides more features. The converter supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 and is compatible with the latest Microsoft Outlook versions.

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