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WinPcap is a tool that enables users, by bypassing protocol stack, to switch data packets in Windows operating systems. This enables more effective data processing. This platform is often used by website authors, networking experts and open source software developers. It is intended for use on personal computers.

WinPcap can be regarded as a ‘bridge’ over standard strategies of the Windows protocol. It goes above these techniques and allows data packets to be sent more effectively to another area on a hard disc. A driver and integrated library is included with this software. The driver allows the user access and communicates with the multiple network layers on a low level network. It is also worth mentioning that this library contains the Unix API. This bundle’s primary aim is to increase device effectiveness in network interaction.

Many of the other WinPcap resources provide Wireshark data management and operating with 802.11 a/b/g/n networks. Please notice that a separate USB card and original programme may also be purchased if needed. The last device changes seem to have taken place in 2013.

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