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3uTools 2.37

Publisher: 3uTools (Freeware)

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3uTools is a software specially designed for iOs devices. It is made for jailbreaking. As a result, you can have the permission of all the restricted features of your iOs device. Also, this tool will give some extra abilities to your device. It mainly works as a device manager for iOs. You can download it on your windows so that you can easily use it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. In this case, you may need to download iTunes for better performance.

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I have already said that this tool mainly works as a device manager. But its main function for iOs is to jailbreak. That means you are no longer be bounded with only some apps or features. Now your uses limit has no bound with 3uTools. You do not need to maintain any kind of restriction given by Apple. In other words, you can say that through 3uTools, you can have total control over your iOs device. But there is one problem and that is this tool may violate your iOs’ warranty. But it is not illegal to use 3uTool.

Besides jailbreaking these tools do much work for you. Like it can manage your apps, pictures captured by you, your music, and also your device’s ringtones. Moreover, it can help you to manage your videos, documents, your contacts as well as your device’s information about the activity, battery status, and lock system.


After installing 3uTools, it’s very easy to use it. But there is a condition. And that is you have to know how jailbreaking works. If you do not know then it may seem difficult to use for you. So, connect your device with your widows and wait until 3uTools detect your device. When a dashboard will appear before you, you can easily see all features and also its usage.

With this tool, you can see all the information about your iOs. You can easily see your iOs’ version, your device’s storage capacity, type of your all products, your device’s model number including its IMEI. You can access more about your device with this useful tool. Before doing anything first check what your device support. You must have to check whether your device supports flash or jailbreak. You can also add firmware to your device with 3uTools.


I have mentioned before that 3utools work as a device manager besides its main feature jailbreaking. It will give you great device management. You can do many things with this tool. Such as you can clean your cache files, you can backup or restore your files, exchange your data with your other iOs or with your friend’s iOs device and finally you can also check real-time logs. Moreover, as I have said that with this tool you can have full control over your device. In other words, you can do whatever you want to do.


As jailbreaking means avoiding all the restrictions provided by Apple, it may seem like 3uTools is not safe to use. But I can ensure you that this tool is totally safe to use. All of your data and information is safe with this tool. But one thing you need to know that jailbreaking causes warranty violation. So, after jailbreaking your device’s warranty will no longer available. Besides, you may always need to be more careful before downloading any apps in the future. Because after jailbreaking it also remove the protection wall given by Apple.

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Full Specifications of 3uTools

3uTools 2.37
File Name:
File Size:
101 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
08, September 2021
System Tuning

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