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AIO Boot

Publisher: AIO Boot (Open Source)

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AIO Boot
File Name:
File Size:
36.6 MB
Operating System:
Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
17, April 2021
System Software
Open Source

AIO Boot can assist you with making a bootable USB with Grub2, Grub4dos, Syslinux, Clover, and rEFInd just as boot Windows and most Linux dispersions.

AIO Boot’s objective was to address the way that there are numerous USB boot devices, however very few that give you various choices of what working framework you’d prefer to boot with. Numerous specialists will cherish the numerous decisions you have here, contingent upon what you need.

For those with a Legacy-MBR, you can boot into Grub2, Grub4dos, Syslinux, and Clover. For those with UEFI-GPT, you can utilize Grub2, Clover, and rEFInd. It additionally bolsters booting from LAN with Tiny PXE Server, iPXE, and FreeNFS.

Making bootable media with AIO Boot is simple; Once you have downloaded it, you have to choose the drive where the fundamental records ought to be removed, which ought to be the bootable USB or HDD you wish to make. In the wake of unloading, the application will be propelled consequently, and you can introduce either Grub2 or Clover with just a solitary mouse click. Furthermore, you can run PXE and pick either Legacy or UEFI mode.

AIO Boot carries a ton to the table. Regardless of whether your present decision comes up short on the Linux distro you like, or you have to boot from LAN, AIO Boot has you secured.

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