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Among Us 2021.7.20

Publisher: Innersloth License: Free
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Among Us 2021.7.20 Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32) bit PC. Free download the latest version 2023 of the software from NearFile.

Technical Details

App Informations

App Name
Among Us
File Name 32 Bit
File Size 32 Bit
509 MB
File Name 64 Bit
File Size 64 Bit
513.26 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
14, October 2021
Date Modified
15, October 2022

Among Us free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

I have never played a game like Among Us for PC before. I am not sure what to think about the gameplay, but it seems interesting enough. The graphics do not matter, but the story and game concept was really amazing when I first played this game. It is also refreshing to see that there are no in-app purchases, which can get frustrating with other games. Overall this looks like an enjoyable game that will keep me occupied for hours on end. So, here I am going to tell you about the game Among Us for PC. Without any delay, let’s start.

Among Us - NearFile.Com
Among Us Gameplay

What is Among Us?

The game Among Us is one of the most popular social deduction games which earns its reputation as a multiplayer online game. This game was developed by Innersloth. They are also the publisher of the game. In the beginning, this was a game only for Android and IOS. But gradually many more platforms add to its popularity. The story of this game is very interesting. Let’s see the storyline below.

Among us Story

Usually, the popularity of story-based games is a little higher. Because besides playing these games, the importance of the story is much higher. Among Us is also a story-based game. In this game, several online players start playing together. However, there is an impostor in it. The other players in the game aim to find the impostor and the impostor himself aims to hide as much as possible. He also pretends to be a normal player. If the impostor can survive to the last, then he is the winner. And if other players can find him, then they are winners. This is basically the story of Among Us game.

Among us Graphics

A lot of people are very passionate about graphics in video games. Some people prefer realistic, photorealistic graphics while others want more stylized cartoon-like graphics. As we are talking about a famous game among us, we need to know that graphics do not play a vital role in this game. The story this game has is a lot of mind games and most people love this.

Among Us Graphics


There are 4 total maps in this game which is very much interesting. All these maps are well-designed. You will see them like huge rooms and floors, There is one meeting room too where meetings are held among all the players. This is very interesting about this game.

Among Us Maps
Polus Map


There are some more interesting things about Among Us game that will give you some more information about the game. Players can play together in this game starting from four to a maximum of 15 June. Sometimes one, sometimes two and sometimes a maximum of three are selected as impostors. This section is random. Many people want to know about Among Us rating. The game has a rating of 3.6 on the Play Store and BlueStacks. On the other hand, the rating of this game in file horse is 8.8 / 10.


  • Action games
  • Can play on PC and Android both
  • Get daily updates*Minimum 10person can play at a time
  • Very enjoyable
  • No any risk issues*Privacy protected


  • Can be hard finding matches
  • repetitive gameplay

FAQ’ on Among Us

Is it available on PC?

Of course. This game is available on PC.So you can play this on your PC. Firstly you have to download these games on your PC and set up these games according to restrictions. After completing all kinds of rules and restrictions you can play these games smoothly. And the precondition is you need an internet connection to your PC. These are enough to play these games on PC.

Is it safe for kids?

Many parents think that this game is not safe for children. Because this game has to go through many scary steps. But if compared to other games in the market then this game is not a terrible thing. But if you, as a Guardian, think that your child should not be allowed to communicate in games with strangers, you can keep your child away from the game.


This game may look very silly but this game is quite interesting. For this reason, it’s so popular all over the world. Although initially released only for mobile phones, due to its addictive nature, later the game has been released in almost every operating system including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.


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