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Beats Updater

By: Apple Inc.




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Beats Updater

Operating Systems:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Beats Updater is an application that allows the users to plug their Beats products directly into the USB port of their system for checking the firmware updates online and also it will change the device name just in some moment. It is just a small management app for your computer. It was built & distributed by Apple Inc( The owner of Beats Brand).


Driver Installation

The Beats users will be provided by this software an extremely streamlined way to manage their audio products and also the digital wellbeings by an auto-detection of the exact drivers as well as installing them.

Easy To Use

An automatic wizard is handling this program by which the user would be required to follow the on-screen instructions.

A Web Interface

There is a web interface in this application that can help the users troubleshoots various things that they may encounter during the update. On the screen, helpful messages will be displayed. The messages will instruct the users to turn on their devices and to connect them to the computer.

Minimum System Load

With this application, your system won’t get any load. It will allow you to auto-launch this program on the start-up.

Support All Audio Devices

This software will support all the audio devices just like weird & non-weird headphones, earphones, and also the speakers as well.

Support Modern system windows

The modern system windows(namely 8 & 10) are smoothly supported by this program.

Tray Icon

If this program is not able to detect the connected device you can also specify the model by selecting it from a list. It has a dedicated tray icon where you can watch the info about the connected devices and toggle the software also to be launched automatically. Also, you have the option to hide the tray icon when the program is not active.

Is Beats Updater Safe?

Yes, Beats Updater is totally safe. It is also certified with no viruses, no spyware, and no adware. So you can use it peacefully.

Pros and Cons Of Beats Updater


  • Easy interface.
  • Free download.
  • Small size application of just 20 MB.
  • It has an auto-created taskbar shortcut.
  • It provides a great service to the windows PC owner.
  • Intuitive & fast.


  • It cannot work without a stable & active Internet connection.
Though Beats Updater is small, fast & intuitive, so it won’t take much space in your device. There is a quite number of incredible features in this application that will give you a great experience. So you can install this software without any hesitation in your mind.

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