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DLC Boot


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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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DLC Boot is a comprehensive and compact troubleshooting utility that can help Windows users figure out whether their devices are dysfunctional or other problems. Bundled within a single mobile and bootable package, it provides a large selection of different applications and services that can not only be used to verify the integrity of different software packages and hardware elements but can also be fully-bootable on your home PC or on the laptop.

DLC’s DLC Boot includes a wide variety of tools for file browsing, compressed management, accessibility tools, MP3/DVD ripping, multimedia players, and other frequently-used apps for average PC users as well as dozens of diagnostic apps (for storage diagnosis and data retrieval, network management, driver management, USB tools, updated antivirus, and anti-malware scanners).

The app is meant to be mounted on a booting DVD or transmitted to the bootable USB flash drive. However, this program goes a step beyond standard error resolution utilities by including the option that “mini” Windows XP and “mini” Windows 10 can be booted into simplified versions. You can actually wake up your broken PC and access your hard drives using such a micro Windows 10, back up everything and start finding a way to fix all the problems that have plagued your OS.

At a Glance

DLC Boot is completely FREE for use and brings with it freeware versions of many popular troubleshooting and system utilities needed to bring your damaged PC back to life.

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