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About Universal Gcode Sender

Universal Gcode Sender is a CNC machining software that can be compatible with most CNC controlling software.

CNC or Computerized Numerical Control is the latest technology to control machinery with artificial intelligence. For CNC machining, you need different controller software. Universal Gcode Sender is one of the most used Gcode senders because of its compatibility with different ora like Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Download Universal Gcode Sender for PC
Download Universal Gcode Sender for PC



Universal Gcode Sender consists of a very good interface where you can create the Gcode easily with different options. Gcode is the programming code for CNC machine control with different software like GRBL, G2Core, or TinyG.

Universal Gcode Sender Visualizer
Universal Gcode Sender Visualizer


Programming takes machine-readable language. Universal Gcode Generator generates the orders you give to AI in a machine-readable language.

So, if you give your input with Universal Gcode Sender, the machine can read it without a problem and implement it at the workplace.

For example, G00G31X-50.Y-50. – The code can be broken into 4 parts:

G00 – Means rapid movement of the CNC machine axis

G31 – Means to skip the probe signal to continue working

X-50. – Means to Move the X-Axis to -50mm

Y-50. – Means to Move the Y-Axis to -50mm

When the input is done, you can get a repeated workflow of the same series from the CNC machine. As a result, an industrial workflow is created with only a single code.


The most useful and effective part of the Universal Gcode Sender is that you can use a very easy interface to connect with your AI.

The interface consists of each and every part of the code, every axis movement can be given input individually. This important function makes the usage of AI very easy for even a new operator.


Universal Gcode Sender comes with a lot of control options, like:

Return to Zero: The software takes the Axis at a memorized Zero point.

Home Machine: The software takes the Axis of the physical machine to zero point.

Reset Zero: Software goes to zero point.


The software has a console window where you can see the outcome in real-time. It gets very easy to work with CNC if you are using Universal Gcode Sender.


  • Compatible with most Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Compatible with most of the available CNC controller software like GRBL, G2Core, or TinyG.
  • Has a very good console window to see the project outcome or the progress in real-time.
  • Has an interface for coding each and every part of the CNC machining with ease.
  • 3000+ test codes for testing. Another thousand comments for coding aid.
  • You can override and toggle as necessary
  • You can – remove comments, convert arcs and remove whitespaces.


  • The UI is a bit complicated

FAQ’s on Universal Gcode Sender

What is Universal Gcode sender?

Universal Gcode Sender is highly compatible software for CNC controllers to give input of the CNC products in machine-readable languages. You can use it for free with your CNC machining.

How do I install Universal G code sender?

You can install the software very easily. First, go to any trusted software provider and download it from the website. Second, Extract the Zip file. You will get a folder with several folders inside. Third, go to the bin directory, usually the first folder. Fourth, you will get the platform and usgplatform64 file. Click the file according to your need. The software will run. If you want to proceed, you will have to input the software platform you will run it on.

How do I run the Universal Gcode sender in Linux?

Download the platform setup file from a trusted source. Extract the zip file. Then you will get several other folders. Go to the bin directory. Here you will find usgplatform.exe and usgplatform64.exe. Run according to your need on Linux.

Is Fusion 360 a Gcode sender?

Yes, You can generate a Gcode with Fusion 360. It takes the Gcode from the models you want to create with your CNC machine. It can run on various platforms on the CNC machining computer.


Because of its compatibility on different OS and other platforms, Universal Gcode Sender is a very popular software when it comes to CNC machining.

Author Details


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Technical Details
App Name: Universal Gcode Sender
Version: 2.0.8
License: Free
Publisher: Will Winder
Category: Utilities & Tools
Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name: ugs-platform-app-win.zip
File Size: 131.4 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code: 95c6042d8877b21f50689346c30b08abd45bed64090fb0fbd1971e2a09ec45f5
VirusTotal Scan Report: Check Report
Date Published: 12, November 2021
Date Modified: 04, December 2023

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