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Among Us

By: Innersloth (Commercial Purchase)

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Among Us


Graphics Quality







  • Unlimited Skins
  • Unlimited Pets
  • Controlling is very easy


  • Server does not response properly sometimes
  • Only 10 people can play together at a time
  • Can not play offline
  • Low Graphics.
  • No live chat while playing.

The games that people play are amongst the most mass entertainment for operating systems. One of the most famous games Among Us is nowadays. This is a social interpretation game for multiplayer online. The developer released it on 15 June 2018. American game studio innerSloth published this game. Marcus Bromander is the game’s designer and Forrest Willard is the game’s programmer. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows applications. It is available free on Windows and iOS.


This same game includes 4-10 players. A diverse group of 1-3 of the imperialists. The other players are unable to see who is the tax collector. There are three maps of the game. These are the Skeld, ‘Mira HQ’ and ‘Polus.’ During the game, the crew must fulfill tasks like electric cables, motor fueling, etc. The task cannot carry out with impressive. The crew could get killed, the systems sabotaged, air sales allowed. If an impostor is elected, he will die. Then it’s not going to kill him any crewmates. But for the living imponents, he’ll sabotage the game. If a crewmate is voted, he’ll also die. If a crew member votes or kills an impostor, it becomes a spirit. Anywhere on the wall can a ghost go? He must still do the job and help his team to win the game.

The imperialists win, and teammates lose if the number of impostors is equal to zero or if the countdown of sabotage is equal to zero. The teammates won if it was possible to find all the taxpayers or perform all the tasks assigned. If the game is complete, the game is also over if a player leaves the game. There are different systems for taxpayers’ recognition. You meet, the Skeld camera protection system, a door log for Mira HQ, and a Polus life indication.


It should be a mobile game between all of us. It was influenced by the live festival Mafia game. We have been included on June 15, 2018. The internal Sloth game studio will be released and manufactured. It only had one map at the beginning, no music, played only on mobile phones and so on. It was not successful at that time and not commercialized properly. By updating every day, today is how we see it and every day it is renowned. This is more prevalent than in the USA in Mexico, Brazil, and South Korea.

Time of Popularity

It wasn’t really the greatest accomplishment Among Us at first. Only a few people were playing it. It was launched in 2018 and was known in 2020. Dear fellow mothers, families, and loved ones, because of the crown pandemic, people could not get home. It’s now a way to have fun with friends for us. During the pandemic, the game became popular fast. Videos made known to everyone on YouTube by several updates, reports, and photographs of the player’s shared social media game.


Even without high-quality graphics or features, Among us is currently one of the most played games. We can say that the book that we can’t judge when we open it is precisely among us. When you open it you’ll get the real test.

Is Among Us free to play?

Among Us has both paid and free version. You can play ay of them according to your wish. But in paid version you can get some extra benefits like more skins, pets , etc.

How can I get a pet in Among Us?

If you play Among US on your PC, then you can get a pet for free as Among Us PC version is the paid version. But for mobile players, these features are not free. In order to get a pet, you must buy it.

Is it possible to live chat in Among Us?

No, there is no chance of any kind of live chat while playing the game. But you can chat before starting the game and at the time of discussion time.

Among Us
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