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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Luminar is a complete Photo Editor built for photographers at all levels of expertise, combining pro-level equipment with an extraordinary ease of use and a pleasant experience. You can organise, search and score pictures quickly with a new library feature, while over 100 editing tools and a range of fast AI-enabled technology make any photo stand out.

This helps pro and casual photographers to organise and edit their photographs easily in a single location.

With Luminar 3, you don’t have to search through all folders to find one particular snapshot of your family from a number of years ago or attempt to imagine which one of the photographs you enjoyed most. You will easily do this using a calendar, a ranking system and colour markers.

Luminar 3 with Libraries can also boost the editing process with the most powerful tools available for correction and improvement plus syncing editing, batch editing and personalised one-click presets. You can edit one image with just a few clicks and add the same edits to other pictures.

No subscriptions, one-time $69 (currently $59) buy and free updates all year round.
Intuitive, user-friendly – no learning curve for beginners and for pros fast to work with
No matter . pictures take longer to load – just let us know where your pictures are and take them from

Mighty AI developments under the cap make for you a lot of heavy lifting. Tools such as the latest AI Sky Enhancer or Accent AI almost instantly overcome challenging tasks.
Particularly those with layers and textures will save you time and irritation for editing time by synchronizing quickly image settings.

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