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Monopoly download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Monopoly is one the of best board games based on renting, trading, purchasing, etc. Here you can purchase land on board and then build your house and hotel to get rent from other players. This is a turn-based game where you have to roll dice for playing. In this process you can buy unoccupied land for your development, also other players can do the same. Here you have to pay rent if you go on other properties, you can buy, sell and mortgage your property with the bank. Also, trading is available with other players.

Amazing Concept

Monopoly is one best board games based on the trading, renting, and selling concept. This is a turn-based game where everyone gets their chance to develop their game strategy by building houses and hotels on their acquired property. While playing this game you have to go through the following games term –

  • Rent
  • House
  • Hotel
  • Auction
  • Jail
  • Mortgage
  • Bank
  • Trade
  • Chance and Community card

New Game

It is a simple game where you have to wait for your turn to develop a game strategy. In this section, you can start playing the games and this section contains the following features-

  • Add Player: Here you can add other human players to play with you.
  • Add Computer: If you want to play alone then you can add a computer to play with you.
  • Customize Rule: If you don’t want to play with official monopoly rules, then you can just adjust the rules from here.

House Rules

These are the basic official monopoly rules which you have to go through while playing these games. And these are very important rules to remember.

  • House Per hotel – After purchasing the same category property you can build 4/5 houses on each land.
  • Initial Cash – When you start the game each player will get an initial fund of 5/10/15 million cash for playing this game.
  • Salary – Each time everyone crosses starting line, they will get 1/2/4 million cash.
  • Income tax – There is a certain slot for income tax, whoever goes on that slot has to pay 5/10/15 % income tax based on their total capital.
  • Parking fee- This is the same as the income tax rule where you have to pay a parking fee.

Load Game

In this section, the user can play the previously saved games. Here one can save his game so that he can play on later. You can only use this for a single-player or offline match. After saving game points, you can start saving points later whenever you want.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core I 3 or later
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 100 MB for installation and running purposes


  • Free to download
  • Easily Playable
  • Various features available
  • Multiplayer Available


  • Time-consuming
  • Various rules
  • Multiplayer is paid
  • Required Registration


Can you play Monopoly on PC?

Yes, you can play monopoly on PC. Many websites offer a monopoly for PC. You can download it for free from there.

Is Monopoly free on PC?

Yes, but you can only get a free version for a limited time. The PC version of monopoly is usually paid. If anyone wants to play that, he can download the limited-time version of monopoly for free from the website.

Can I play Monopoly on my laptop?

Yes, you can play monopoly on your laptop. Though monopoly is paid to play on pc. But there is also a limited-time version available which can be played for free.

How to download Monopoly on PC?

There are two types of monopoly available for pc. One is free and the other is paid. You can download the free version easily because many websites offer it for free. And to download the paid version you have to go through steam

Our Uses

Monopoly is one of the best board games I ever played. This game contains various kinds of gaming features and rules. Here I was able to compete with other plays through strategic gameplay. To compete other players had to buy the various property and build houses and hotels there for strategic development.

Also, there were rent, trade, tax, mortgage, and bank facilities available. But there was some issue like waiting for your turn which is time-consuming, the free version has limited time, the paid version is expensive and the rules were quite complex for new user.


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