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Offline NIV Bible 1.0

Publisher: Media Freeware License: Free
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Offline NIV Bible download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Those who are interested in reading the Holy Bible at least once a day, require nothing more than to download this tiny app of 6.7 MB for your PC. New International Bible or better known as NIV Bible is the Free offline NIV Bible for PC, the ultimate software you need to keep your religious views in check.

Free Offline NIV Bible
Free Offline NIV Bible

Small size

Free offline NIV Bible for PC is a little app that comes with a set-up file of only 6.7 MB. You can just download the MSI file and run the software without facing any kind of problem.


The NIV Bible for PC is totally offline software. It needs a small space to run on your PC offline. If you provide that, you will get a good going with daily stories from the new testament.

International Version

The free offline NIV Bible for PC is in the international version, not like the original testament in old English, Latin, or Hebrew. You will face no problem reading it every day because of the easy language.

Easy browsing

The software is made in such a way that, you will be directly getting the table of contents of the new testament and can directly access a chapter without any hassle. Just click the chapter and it will open before your eyes.

Interesting interface

The software has a book-like interface. When you click a chapter or turn it over with arrows under the book’s page.

Search Option

You can easily find a chapter rather than going through the whole book with the search option just under the left side of the interface. It gives a whole lot more opportunity than a real book offers. Everything is in your hand.

Minimizing Option

Minimizing the software is as easy as it gets. You can just click a button and minimize it. Unlike all the other on-screen software, it gives you total control.

On Screen Software

Whether you are working on something or having fun, and suddenly you are willing to go through the Holy Book and remember your creator, you can just open the software and read it on screen. It will not override and take your whole screen but lets itself up with a small portion on-screen.

Read Bible without internet on Offline NIV Bible
Read Bible without internet on Offline NIV Bible


  • Completely free software that can bring you closer to Jesus and Christianity.
  • It will run on-screen over any software without hampering your work.
  •  It is written in general English for your better understanding and tells the stories from the new testament flawlessly.
  • A search option gives quick access to any chapter you are looking for.
  • The software does not sacrifice your PC speed and gets along with other software quite well.
  • You can even minimize the software in your taskbar and read whenever you like.

FAQ’s about Offline NIV Bible

Can I download the NIV Bible?

NIV Bible is free software that can be run on your device offline. The software is very small and you can just download and install it within a few seconds.

Are there 2 versions of the NIV Bible?

The NIV or New International Bible has actually three versions. The most recent version was published in 2011. The other two versions were published in 1978 and 1984.

What is the best Holy Bible App?

NIV Bible is one of the best Holy Bible apps there is. It is small and can run on screen. If you want to read it from time to time, then you can also minimize it on your taskbar and maximize it when necessary.

How do I get a Free NIV Bible?

You can download the Free NIV Bible for PC for your computer. Just download the MSI file and run it on your PC. It is totally free and has a lucrative interface like a book. It can be your daily part of prayers so easily.

Our Usage

The interface is quite cool. It feels like reading a book on screen. But not like reading an ebook. It is quite eye-friendly and has a vast distribution of chapters that are easily accessible. Selected verses should be added to be accessed easily.

Offline NIV Bible 1.0

2.66 MB

App Informations

App Name: Offline NIV Bible
Version: 1.0
License: Free
Publisher: Media Freeware
Category: Others , Home & Education
Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name: setup?t=Free+Niv+Bible&
File Size: 2.66 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code: d45887466472fdb5f4d58896b63395419b1a25830789c9b5e6888731ced2b561
VirusTotal Scan Report: Check Report
Date Published: 03, January 2022
Date Modified: 05, June 2023

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