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Learn About QTTabBar

QTTabBar is a utility tool that allows you to add a new tab on your system file explorer. QTTabBar is a third parties app that let you have an extra window or tab section. With a new window or tab section, the user experience became smooth.

Because of this feature users can save a lot of time, because earlier if you wanted to go to a new folder or on another drive, you had to go through the very first section in File Explorer. But with QTTabBar you can go to any file, folder, or drive with just a single to a new tab or new window.

QTTabBar: Customize & extend Explorer functionality with tabs and navigation features

With QTTabBar one can easily customize his explorer functionality quickly and easily. It allows you to bring drastic change to your file exploration. And because of that file explorer became efficient and easy to use.

Without QTTabBar if anyone wanted to go to any new folder or find something he has to leave the current tab. But in QTTabBar users can have multi-tab at a time. Not only that users can find any folder or go to another tab with just a single click to open a new tab or new window.

Open a folder in a new tab in Windows explorer

QTTabBar allows you to create a new tab or window in your file explore. With this, you can have multiple folders opened at a time. To open a new folder in windows explorer you have to do as following.

  • Open file explorer
  • Select the folder to be opened in the new tab
  • Click the right button on your mouse on the folder icon
  • After that Select Open in the new tab

QTTabBar – Customize Explorer

QTTabBar is a utility app that allows users to have a new tab in their windows system file exploration. Though it’s a third parties app, still quite use full in saving time. Without QTTabBar in your system, you can save time while opening or going to a new folder.

But with QTTabBar you can open a new tab multiple times. Not only that with this you can customize your file explorer as you want. You can lock-unlock the tab, clone the tab, and create a group with a tab.

Download QTTabBar on Windows 10/7

Downloading QTTabBar is quick and easy on windows. To download this QTTabBar, you have to search for it on the website. And they have an official website that offers this for free. And the size of it is small. After going to their official website select your preferred package based on your windows system and download it.

Install QTTabBar.exe file

After downloading QTTabBar from their official website. First, you have to unzip the zip file in your preferred folder location.  After completing unzip process click on the setup file. And do as the setup file says, agree on a specific option and your installation process will be complete.

QTTabBar Features

QTTabBar is a very useful utility app that let you customize your windows system file explore. Some feature of QTTabBar is given below-

  • New tab
  • New window
  • File explorer customization
  • Lock and Unlock Tab
  • Tab cloning
  • Built-in file and player

How do I enable QTTabBar in Windows 11?

To enable QTTabBar in your windows 11, you have to do as followings.

  • Go to file explorer
  • Then select the option from the View section
  • And click on QTTabBar to enable it

How do I get rid of QTTabBar in Windows 10?

To get rid of QTTabBar from your windows, you have to do as followings.

  • Go To the control panel
  • Select Add or remove apps
  • And search for QTTabBar
  • And click on the app’s icon to perform uninstall


  • Free to download and use
  • lightweight size
  • Easily accessible
  • Simple apps
  • Built-in player


  • Third parties’ apps
  • No physical interface
  • Setting unavailable

FAQ’s about QTTabBar

What is QTTabBar enabler?

QTTabBar is a utility app that let you customize your system file explorer. With QTTabBar, you can use a new tab or new window in your windows system file explorer. Because of that one can have multiple tabs at a time which is time-saving. But one has to be cautious because it’s being a third parties app.

How can I download QTTabBar?

You can download QTTabBar for free from its official website. To download this search for QTTabBar on the website and you will see their official website pop up. And click on that to get access to downloading the file. After that select your preferred downloading package and start downloading.

How do I create tabs in File Explorer?

QTTabBar let you customize your file explorer. With QTTabBar you can have multiple tab windows. To create a tab in explorer, click on the folder icon that you want to open in a new tab. After clicking on the folder icon, you will see Open in a new tab and click on it to create tabs in file explorer.

Our Uses

Earlier using file explorer was fine.  But with QTTabBar, using file explore became quite easy and efficient. Because earlier if I wanted open a new folder had to open the file explore again or leave the current folder.

But in QTTabBar I can create a new tab and new window at any time. Not only that it also has a built-in player which let me know the selected file containing the item. But the issue is that this app has no physical interface. And it is a third-party app that could be harmful to users.

Technical Details
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04, January 2021
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18, October 2022

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