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QTTabBar 1043

Publisher: QTTabBar (Freeware)

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QTTabBar is a Shell extension to incorporate the Windows Explorer Tab feature – directory window. Furthermore, QTTabBar offers different features that will definitely help you navigate files and directories. Good luck!

When you allow the toolbars provided in a folder window, most functions are enabled. Tab Bar lets things happen… Folders’ tabbed navigation. There are different buttons available on the Command Bars like plugin buttons. In the folder browser, Extra Views display an extra folder view.

If enabled, QT Tab bar adds those hooks in the folder window and adjusts the Explorer action to fit advanced user requirements.


For starters, by clicking the folder icon, a new tab is opened. Tooltip preview occurs when you point to the mouse cursor’s graphic, text, and video file. Would you like to mark a large file? Adjust the name’s color. You’ll see a blue arrow square as you pass the mouse cursor over folder icons. Instantly click and view the folder material!


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Full Specifications of QTTabBar

QTTabBar 1043
File Name:
File Size:
3.7 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
19, January 2021
Desktop Customization Software

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