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RecordCast Online Screen Recorder download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

RecordCast is probably one of the craziest browser extensions you’ll ever come across. I say that because I have rarely seen such nice execution from a simple free-to-use browser extension that can do so much.

RecordCast Online Screen Recorder - NearFile
Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor- NearFile

You can screen-record your meetings, e-learning courses, classes, and many more with RecordCast. That’s not all, it also has the feature to edit your videos on the go. So, you get the perfect support from a tiny internet extension that replaces a hundred megabytes of storage space.

Features of RecordCast

Obviously, just knowing two or three about this recording tool might not seem enough for you. Well, actually, there are a lot of things to explain about this program as well. So, let’s go through them one by one now.

Multiple Recording Modes

With different purposes, the requirement for having different recording modes become paramount. As RecordCast prioritizes users more than anything, they have 3 different recording modes. First is the dual Screen + Webcam mode which lets you use both your Windows screen and webcam video to capture.

Record Videos online
Record Videos online

Then, there’s the Screen only feature which, obviously, only captures your Windows display. And lastly, Webcam only lets you record yourself or anything you have under the POV of your webcam.

Built-in Video Editor

Not only RecordCast is a versatile screen-recording tool, but it also has a built-in editor to quickly revamp your videos as your want. You can attach different texts or annotations, color backgrounds, music, and many more with the video editor. Even there are some dynamic elements as well. So, just let your creativity flow and see how it results in!

No Cost

As there are very few good screen recorders available, having a free video tool like RecordCast is just awesome. You don’t have to pay anything to get started with screen recording with this app. Just choose the recording mode and get the recorded video within minutes. No costs, only high-quality videos.

Complete Privacy

You might think as RecordCast is an online screen recorder, it can store your videos without your permission. No, they don’t store or copy any videos or files that have been captured through the tool. You get full authority over your videos or edits from the start to the very last. So, no need to be concerned about privacy.

Pros of RecordCast

Cons of RecordCast

FAQs About RecordCast

What is it?

It is a simple browser extension that provides top-notch screen recording facilities at your palm. However, there are some limitations to the free version.

How do you use a RecordCast?

After getting the tool, choose your record mode. You can go with the following three options: Screen+webcam, screen, and webcam. After choosing the mode, select your preferred audio settings and you’re done.

How much does RecordCast cost?

For the RecordCast Plus plan, there’s a monthly fee of $3.99. Or, you can just pay an annual fee of $47.88 for a one-year subscription.

Does RecordCast offer a free plan?

Yes, RecordCast offers a free plan for those who can make do with limited features.


Now, let’s summarize everything once and for all. If you just want a simple tool that can both record and edit your videos, then RecordCast is a blessing. As I said before, you won’t gonna find anything more simpler yet powerful than RecordCast.

However, you can’t really expect everything from this tool as it has limited record time and capped video quality. Also, the editing level is not that advanced, just simple annotations, captions, and filters.

Still, you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. So, try RecordCast once then be the judge!

RecordCast Online Screen Recorder

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RecordCast Online Screen Recorder
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01, February 2023
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11, February 2023

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