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Steganos Safe


Publisher: Steganos Software GmbH


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Steganos Safe

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Steganos Safe is a handy tool to make encryption areas fast and secure on your PC’s hard drive.

It is a huge risk to unencrypt confidential data on your PC. If it is personal or enterprise, hackers also have access to and retrieve your machine without notice. In view of this, Steganos Safe will build as many encrypted areas as you like on your hard drive. Every region known as “safes” will measure up to 256 GB. You can also transform your USB memory card into a portable safe where you can carry confidential information with you easily everywhere.

The Steganos Secure gui is user-friendly with a big icon for any safe drive. It also has an intuitive wizard, which helps you build a stable system. This means that the most innovative of consumers can quickly and easily learn how to use Steganos Secure.

Unfortunately, even though you use the support wizard, users who have never used a protection feature like Steganos Safe can take some time to accommodate the purposes of each software feature. To refer to the new update, Steganos Safe needs an Activation Serial Number to execute the trial version.

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