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Voicemod is an application that permits you to change the first voice into something other than what’s expected. You can pick the last voice where you need to be heard, and this application will do that for you.

It can work with different applications, so you can put the calls while changing the voice on the spot. Skype, Discord and Voice Chat are a portion of the applications that give you such an office.

With this application, you can change your voice to a robot or a young lady. Aside from these recognizable changes in the voice, forty-two unique impacts can be included, which can permit more space for you to examination and locate the best stable that can fill your need. Pitch impact, profound impact, and chipmunk are a portion of the popular varieties permitted.

You can even change the current sound or video voice to the transformed one. Essentially, an online voice transformation choice is given by Voicemod. The other upheld applications can be gotten to from inside Voicemod so you can utilize the changed voice impact straight away.

Voicemod is an excellent utility for messing with your companions or adding an appropriate voice to a sound or video strip without requiring the specialists from the field.


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22.04 MB
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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06, December 2020

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