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For all gamepad users, rather than the standard Xbox 360 gamepad, the x360ce is a program that is just a must. The truth is that most PC models of modern games, including from such common brands as Logitech, Speedlink, Thrustmaster, and others, will only operate with the “pack” controller and fail to “digest” devices.

So, under the Xbox 360 Remote, the presented utility is clearly meant for “disguising” identical gamepads. Despite the rather “cumbersome” interface with many tabs, it is not difficult to work with it at all. What you need to do is copy the x360ce file to the executive file folder of the game and run it while waiting for the drivers to be picked. You can check the correctness of all the gamepad controls in the main window and reassign them if necessary. Downloading ready-made setups from the network is also possible. All right, we will start the game now.

If you have heard the usual Windows sound used to signal warnings at start-up, the emulation has been successful and you can start the game.

If for whatever reason, the game does not indicate a link to the gamepad, it is either not enabled or some additional settings are required. All you have to do in this situation is to use Google to find the setup you need. In x360ce, which separates this emulator from other related program solutions, such conditions exist very rarely.


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Full Specifications of x360ce

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File Size:
12.3 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
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26, June 2021

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