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  • AnyDesk is a kind of remote desktop application. AnyDesk Software GmbH distributed this program. This program gives the users a free platform from remote access to PC & also the other things as well.

    Easy Remote Desktop Control

    This application is one of the most famous remote desktop controllers all over the world. It will give you a swift connection by boasting trusted server technology.

    Welcome to AnyDesk
    Welcome to AnyDesk

    Perfect For business

    with this software, you’ll be able to do your small & mid-sized businesses very easily. It will give you some options like file sharing, online collaboration, etc. The users will be capable to access some files on any kind of device in different places.


    This program will give you the security with TLS1.2 encryption. To make higher security, you can also create a password & set it to the settings.

    AnyDesk Set your Password and other securities
    Set your Password and other securities

    Seamless Codec 

    There is a video codec DeskRT which is designed with encoding videos of computer interfaces. Besides this, you will be able to play your transmissions generously & you’ll be displayed on the other screen clearly.

    Portable Working Desk

    With this app, you can be connected with friends, family, colleagues as well as clients easily & fastly. You’ll also be able to customize the alias by using some numbers after installing the application. 

    Lets start your new journey with AnyDesk
    Lets start your new journey with AnyDesk


    • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD.


    What is the current version of AnyDesk?

    The current version of AnyDesk is Version 7.0. This version is simple, safe and fast.

    How do I download an older version of AnyDesk?

    If you need an older version, then you’ve to go to the app’s version history on Uptodown. Then you’ll get all the versions of this app. Then download the rollbacks of AnyDesk for Windows.

    How old is AnyDesk?

    The journey of AnyDesk started in 2012 with 3 technology Pioneers.  Now, this software has become one of the best market-leading remote desktop applications.

    Is AnyDesk safe to use?

    The software AnyDesk is tested by many popular virus checkers. It is required totally safe and secure software. The program is used by more than 15k companies, millions of people all over the world. 

    Do hackers use AnyDesk?

    Hackers used to install AnyDesk. They use it in safe mode so that they could be able to disable the security systems which work in the safe mode.

    Can AnyDesk be hacked?

    Yes, AnyDesk can be hacked. The application might be hacked by the hackers by the use of malvertising Campaign with Evasion technique. Now cybersecurity discovered that a total malware team is repeatedly trying to attack AnyDesk.

    Our Uses

    I am using this software for a long time. This is great software. This is completely reliable & secure. Though the mobile service of this application is poor the window service is very well. It even allows chat communication with others. I work with this program passionately. With this software,  I can be connected with my people. So I can say that you can use this software without even worrying about anything.

    We all faced those situations where we got worried about the files that we left at home. If the computer or device is logged off, then there’s no way you can retrieve that instantly. However, if the device is powered on? Then, you can quickly get that file with Anydesk! A perfect companion to remove all of your worries at once with its secured remote access. Interface Best Remote Access Tool Whether it’s the best tool or not (it probably is!) is for you to decide. But we can confidently state that you’ve seen nothing like this before. You can remotely access your supported devices from anywhere in the world with just an end-to-end connection. Not only that, but it can also transfer and communicate with other connected devices! Features…Read More>>

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