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IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO

Publisher: IObit License: Commercial Purchase
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IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO is a PC cleaning application by which users will be capable to keep their PC quick & junk files free.

Features & performance

If you have unlocked all the features of this program, then this program will surely make your PC performance better & it will also upgrade the AI mode for the better. Here are some features of this program-

Clean & Optimize PC Performance

As it is mentioned before that IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO is a PC cleaning program, so this program will keep the user’s device clean and it will also make the computer’s action greater.

Privacy & Security

It will give some basic protection such as removal of spyware, keeping private info safe from untrusted sites &, etc.

Boost PC Speed

It will surely make the PC work faster & also increase the network speed up to 300%.

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Start the Scan
IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Start the Scan

New & Returning Tools

Here are some small descriptions of new & returning tools

Firewall Protection

It is a new tool of this software. This firewall Protection will remain the system working well & always protect the window system.

Software Health

This tool of IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO always gives users updates about the software & also it will do necessary things to remain your device in a good condition without having any problems.

Pricing & Compatibility

This software will give the users three options. These are Free, Pro & the security-focused ultimate. With the free option, users will get basic protection & some other basic features.

The pro option will give additional features such as real-time optimization & malware protection. The Pro option will cost $19.99 yearly.

And lastly, the ultimate option may cost $29.99 yearly & it will give the users a high level of security from the virus, Trojan, Worms. It will protect the user from each kind of harmful program.

Performance Improvements

Normally after working with a computer for a long period of time the computer may become slower & users may face some problems. For these problems, IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro can be used. The app would improve the performance of the computer & make the device work faster. This software will do the necessary things to make PC actions better.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro full review

IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro is an application with some new features. For example, the AI mode scanner. With the AI mode, users can be capable to scan the device & find out about the things that are lackings & the program could repair them. It has a simple interface. This application is really helpful for PC. This app will even help users to free up storage & they will get an amount of RAM storage as well.

Speed Up

If the PC is getting slow for some unknown reason. Then this software will find out the reasons & fix all the problems. This program will optimize the PC not to get slower. It will surely increase the PC speed to work better.

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Speep up your Pc performance
IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Speep up your Pc performance

IObit Advanced SystemCare review: Other Features

As it has been mentioned before that how this app works for the device. Here are some other features of this program:

AI Mode

This feature will scan & clean the device intelligently according to the PC’s habits & status.

Real-Time Tune-Up

This feature will monitor the device in real-time & free up RAM spaces & disc spaces automatically.

Anti Tracking

With this feature, the tracking info will be removed automatically & every online private info will remain safe.

Large File Cleaner

This program will find, trace & remove the large files in a few moments.

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Protect your PC
IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Protect your PC

IObit Advanced SystemCare ultimate features

  • Here is a list of the ultimate features of this software.
  • Basic computer cleaner & optimizer.
  • Deep clean registry.
  • Auto Ram cleaner.
  • Automatic care for the device.
  • FaceID facility.
  • New Fingerprint facility.
  • Automatically update to the newest version.
  • Fix system security problems on their own.

A Modern PC Cleaner Application at a reasonable price

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is totally a great application that users could get at a reasonable cost. It offers a cost-free version also a low-cost version. The paid versions have great features & also it doesn’t charge much. Users don’t need to pay much to get this app on their devices.

How do I stop advanced SystemCare from running in the background?

To stop this software from running in the background follow the given steps:

1. You need to open ASC UI then press ‘More’, drop-down menu & press ‘Settings’.

2. You have to choose the ‘Performance Monitor’ tab on the left & uncheck for ‘Execute Performance Monitor at the Windows Start-Up’ & ‘Launch the performance monitor with this program, then press the ‘OK’ option to keep the changes.


  • No need to pay more.
  • Useful.
  • Simple to work with.
  • Great facilities.


  • There are some limitations to installation.

FAQ’s on IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO

Does Advanced SystemCare Pro really work?

Well, this software is really great for rejuvenating sluggish, but there might be some issues that it is not able to become the top pick for a tune-up.

Is Advanced SystemCare good for your computer?

The optimization by this app is really amazing for computers. This tool searches for system modification and problems in the PC and is capable to clear all types of junk files to keep your PC cleaner.

Is Advanced SystemCare Pro free?

Yes, it is free. In this free program, users will have safety and privacy protection, system optimization, backup and restoration even a speed-up facility also.

Is Advanced SystemCare good 2021?

This software is unquestionably good. It is one of the top utilities for keeping the PC clean and make it run fast.

How do I get rid of Advanced SystemCare?

To get rid of this program, you need to write uninstall in the search field of the Windows start menu. Then you have to select Applications and features. In the next window, find the ‘Advanced SystemCare ‘ and then press the uninstall option.

Is Advanced SystemCare malware?

No, this software is not malware but it could be dangerous for your operating system. This software must be removed to avoid damage to the OS.

Our Verdict

As we have used this program on our device, we can recommend you to use this program. This program is great for PC cleaning & it has a great user-friendly interface & this app will remain users’ private information safe. So we suggest you install this program without having any hassle about it.


IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO

49.2 MB

Apps Informations

App Name
IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO
File Name
File Size
49.2 MB
Operating System
Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
15, March 2020
Date Modified
06, July 2023
Commercial Purchase

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