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Malwarebytes free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Malwarebytes is a great tool that is used for ensuring a protected network. It means this tool will give you a safe network service and protect your device from any danger. It is an anti-malware tool and such a very useful tool. It has some useful features. I’m gonna explain to you about these features. So let’s start.

An Expert Anti-malware 

It is an anti-malware tool which means it will fight against malware that is harmful to your device. We all know malware is a trap for cybercriminals and they can do you great harm. So using this tool will protect you from the trap of cybercriminals.

Welcome to Malwarebytes
Welcome to Malwarebytes

Makes Your browsing Safe

This tool will provide you with the safest browsing experience. All the time it observes your browsing. And always ready to prevent any harmful thing which can do hamper your device. A lot of risky things can take refuge on your device while browsing. But this anti-malware tool will not let it happen, will resist.

Detect Virus Perfectly

It can detect any kind of virus or malware very perfectly. If any virus or harmful thing tries to attack your device then it will detect it instantly. Not only that but also it will warn you to take an initial attempt against of virus.

Start your scan with Malwarebytes
Start your scan

Prevents Threat

Cybercriminals pose many kinds of threats to those who do business online.

This tool can detect this threat and understand it also. So, that it can prevent this threat instantly. It blocks sites from which the threat comes. So, that you can stay free from unwanted threats.

Makes your device faster

It can easily detect all the components that can slow down your device. Not only that, after detection, it removes all components. So that your device runs fastly and smoothly. You can do your task within a short time.

You can have Realtime Protection with Malwarebytes
You can have Realtime Protection


  • Very useful tool
  • Protective tool
  • Maintains privacy also
  • Gives the safest experience
  • Cleans unwanted program
  • Super scanning power


  • All features are not available without cost
  • The yearly basis cost is a little high

FAQ’s about Malwarebytes

Is Malwarebytes free version good?

Yes, Malwarebytes free version is good. It is safe also. With the free version, you will be able to remove viruses from your device. It works the same in the free version. So you can use its free version to meet your necessities. It will definitely be good for you.

Does Malwarebytes get rid of viruses?

Of course, it gets rid of viruses. If any virus tries to take a space on your device then Malwarebytes instantly scan it and remove it. So that your device can stay healthy and danger free. It works very well.

How do I run Malwarebytes on Windows 10?

Firstly open a chrome browser then search choose the download option for windows. Then choose a free version or a premium version according to your need. If you select the free version then you have no need to pay money either you select the premium version then you have to pay. It will show your computer section like is it a personal computer or business computer? You have to select one. and select install bar. It will take a few minutes for being installed. Then just set up it and run.

How can I get Malwarebytes for free?

Firstly you have to go to google and search Malwarebytes. Google will show you more links for free download. You need to select according to your choice. So go to the link and choose the option ‘Free Download’.It will take a few minutes for being downloaded. After downloading you need to just set up it. That’s it. It is very simple just one thing to note is that you have to select the free version.

Can Malwarebytes detect everything?

Yes, it can detect any kind of malware or virus. Not only that it can detect the harmful products of your device. It can detect threats and those advertise which are dangerous for your activities. It can detect the unnecessary message. It can detect that product which are the causes of your device slowing down.

What is the real Malwarebytes website?

Do you want to use Malwarebytes? But don’t find out the real Malwarebytes website? Don’t worry. I’m gonna mention here the real website of Malwarebytes and it is if you search it to google, google will show you the real website of Malwarebytes.

How do I get Malwarebytes unlimited free trial?

First, you have to go to the website of Malwarebytes. Here they mentioned the free trial. You just select that option and get the free trial. You will get it for 14days. After 14days it won’t work more.

What is the current version of Malwarebytes free?

We all know Malwarebytes is a useful tool and it has one more version. You can download any version. If you want to download the recent version then you also can. So the latest version is 4.4.5.

What is the best free malware and spyware removal program?

If I say to you about the best malware and spyware removal program then I must mention the name Malwarebytes first. It is a super and expert spyware removal program. Not only that, it offers a free trial too.


If you want to make your network world safe then Malwarebytes is the best choice. Why not it is too many expert tools for providing the safest network. If you use it then you can lead a danger-free networking life. Personally, I use it for a long time. It gives me a trusted experience. So I recommend it highly.


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