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Oracle SQL Developer download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Oracle SQL developer is a management software that is the graphical version of SQL plus. It is for helping the developers to perform the basic things easily & significantly.

Oracle SQL Developer is the Oracle Database IDE

Oracle SQL Developer is an integrated development platform by which the development & maintenance can be streamlined in both conventional & Cloud arrangements. This software gives the proposal of a total end-to-end arrangement of SQL applications. It also gives a worksheet to run queries & scripts, a DBA console to handle the database, a total data modeling suspension & a migration place to replace the third party of Oracle Databases.

For the Web Application Developer & Administrator

The developers who are searching for a free & integrated application development environment can work with Oracle for creating digital & significant applications easily. With this, the developers will be to create enterprise Java apps & cloud-native apps at an ease.

3rd Party Database Migration

The users could be capable to arrange a migration in a significant, largely automated path: the origin schema objects are effectuated as the Oracle schema objects.

For The DBA

This software will enable you with DBA privileges to monitor & handle Oracle Database in Cloud. You will be provided with easy & fast access to a number of information about the database by the DBA tab.

Create Connection

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. On the displayed homepage, under the connection > right press connections.
  2. Choose a new connection.
  3. On the chosen database connection
    Press test>Connect> Then you can open the new connection.

For developers

This software is a kind of graphical program which was designed for database developers. It clarifies development cycles stop the need to work with non-oracle things.

Run & Create Reports

You will be able to create personal reports that you could share with others. The reports will be 100 times more secure with a password given by the user. You will also be able to generate the reports from the command line interface.

For the Command Line interface & Data modeler

The command-line interface of this software is free for Oracle Database. You will be permitted to immersively or batch execute SQL. A data modeler is also a free tool with a total range of data & data modeling features & facilities.

Process Commands

At first, you need to press the icon SQL worksheet. When the select connection Windows will be opened then type a query. Press the icon statement> press the tab results > press the icon clear.


The steps are here:

  1. Press the data which you wish the edit.
  2. Press action & edit the introduction.
  3. Press the SQL tab & place the object into the SQL box or type the SQL you like.
  4. Tap OK.

Modify Objects

When users modify an object which has support for versioning, both the actual & latest version will exist in the database. When users modify an object which does not have the support for versioning then the last introduction of the object will be updated and only the modified introduction will be exited in the database.

Query & Update Data

In the beginning, you have to select the title of a table that you wish to update. Then select the column & at the last, select Where phase determines which row of the table needs an update.

Create Object

If the object is introduced in the schema, then it will be able to use at the subprogram level. You have to create the object by using “CREATE TYPE“.

Export Data DDL, Import Data

With this software, you will be able to export as well as import data. By working with an export wizard you can export data. You just have to tap Tools & then Database Export. If you would like to import data then you have to use an exact technic depending on the imported things.

Browse Object

There might be an object choosing pane shown on the left side of the browser page. If you wish to browse then you could filter this view by choosing an object type or you can also enter a case in the search term.

SQL Unit Testing

This option is one kind of method by which you would be permitted to test the little, programmable part of a database object. This option performs the main role in the new database development cycle.

SQL Developer

SQL developer is the one who is interested in using the programming language. Basically, SQL is for creating & handling PC database applications. It will be obvious that an SQL developer will be responsible to make a database & writing Queries by using SQL software.


RESTful Services

This software can introduce all the APEX listener’s REST capabilities. It will permit the developer to check queries or PLSQL blocks before expressing them.

Database Utilities

This program will give the users some database Utilities such as

  • database copy.
  • database export & import
  • Monitor sessions.
  • Monitor SQL

Procedure Editor

This option is a total IDE for the SQL programming language. Users could enter the procedure Editor by tapping on a SQL object in the connection tree.

Data Grids

This feature presents data in a spreadsheet. These can be used throughout the things, but primarily for showing the contents of tables.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • It browses schemas, users & data.
  • Extend the development environment.
  • Run & Create user-defined reports.


  • Unexplained crashes.

FAQ’s on Oracle SQL Developer

Can I download SQL developer for free?

Yes, you can always download this software totally free of charge.

How do I run SQL development in Windows 10?

The necessary steps are given below first, Browse our website and press Download. If you had an account then log in or create a new account. Then withdraw the downloaded zip file. Open the PC C drive and program files. Then Cut and paste the withdrawn file there. Then at first, open the folder and then open the SQL developer folder. After that, you have found the SQL developer file and must create a shortcut. Open the shortcut and you will be given a welcome page.

Does SQL developer need Java?

If you are working with Windows then you might need the Java development kit to run this software. It will give you that choice.

Where is the Oracle SQL developer installed?

The software does not have any installation but a zip file. You just need to withdraw the archive to a new file and then at the top of the directory you may get a SQL developer.exe to run on.

Are SQL and Oracle the same?

The major difference between them is oracle is a database that is maintained by an oracle company and the SQL is also a database that has been made and maintained by Microsoft. Both of them are like the same thing but in different flavors.

How can I download the SQL database for free?

As we know, this system is not free but the company Microsoft gives a free version of this. To get the free version users to need to go to its website of Microsoft and download the server of SQL 2017 express edition. Then press the file and it will get installed on the device.

Is SQL a programming language?

Yes, SQL is one kind of programming language which has been designed for maintaining data held in a relational maintenance service or for stream handling in a relational data stream maintenance service.

Are SQL and MySQL the same?

No, they are not the same. SQL is actually a programming language by which RDBMS is being maintained. On the other hand, MySQL is relational database maintenance that uses SQL as well.

Our uses

We used this software & we can recommend you to use this. It is safe & secure. We hope you will be benefited from this software.

Oracle SQL Developer

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Oracle SQL Developer
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10, May 2020
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18, October 2022

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