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Bamboo Paper

Publisher: Wacom Co. Ltd. License: Free
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Bamboo Paper download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)


Bamboo Paper is primarily a simple digital note-taking application. Through this article we will explore what Bamboo Paper is, its features, system requirements, pros and cons, and mostly ask questions related to this app so that readers can have a firm basic overview 

of the app. 

Bamboo Paper App Review
Bamboo Paper App Review

What is Bamboo Paper?

Developed by Wacom, Bamboo Paper is a full-fledged note-taking and sketching app that provides its users with a realistic and reflexive experience pretty similar to a real-life pen-paper.  It has been devised for use with Wacom stylus pens and is available on all different platforms, including iOS, Android as well and Windows. We may say, Bamboo Paper is more of a digital canvas that allows its users to create notes and sketches with supreme comfort.

Bamboo Paper tools
Bamboo Paper tools

Features of Bamboo Paper

Natural Drawing Experience:

Bamboo Paper furnishes a realistic writing and illustration experience, constructing it as a desired choice for artists, students, and even professionals. It offers responsive stylus backing for a realistic pen-on-paper touch.

Customizable Tools:

This note-taking and drawing app presents a diversified range of pen varieties, colors, and paper types, which helps users personalize their digital writing arena. Whether one takes notes, sketches, or anything else, they will have all the tools they need at their disposal while using this application.

Cross-Platform Synchronization:

Bamboo Paper provides and ensures a very smooth synchronization across various devices be it Android, Windows, or iOS. Your notes and drawings will be accessible from wherever you are and with whichever device you want. You just have to make sure that you sync your work. You can start writing/drawing on one device and continue it later on another device of yours.

Organized Notebooks:

Users will be able to assemble multiple digital notebooks to keep their assignments(both personal and professional) systematized. This segment is advantageous for both personal and professional use, entitling uncomplicated management and proper arrangement of notes and drawings.

Export and Share: 

Through Bamboo Paper, users will be able to export their writing or drawing across platforms through various formats. As a result, they will easily be able to share their stuff with friends, colleagues and family. Particularly, for students it will be really handy.

System Requirements

Before we indulge ourselves in further detail, it’s of utmost importance that we understand the minimum system requirements for using the Bamboo Paper app:

  •  Operating System: Windows 10 or later.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent.
  •  RAM: 4 GB or more.
  • Storage: 100 MB of available storage.
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics card with DirectX 10 support.
  • Input Device: A stylus or pen input device is preferred for the best experience.

However, the minimum system requirement for the app may vary with every update and thus it is better to check the official Wacom website for accurate information.

Why would you choose Bamboo Paper over its alternatives?

There are several options to choose from in the digital market similar to Bamboo Paper. But, let us explain why we feel Bamboo Paper is a must-try-

Reputed Developer-

As we know, Bamboo Paper has been developed by Wacom, which is a trusted developer in the digital arena which thus will create a sense of faith in the customers.

Realistic Experience-

The app offers an extremely natural and realistic note-taking and drawing experience, which makes it a favorite among different age groups.

Cross-Platform Feature-

It is of utmost convenience to the users that they can sync their work across devices while using this app. It is very convenient and thus ensures flexibility.


With a variety of options to toggle users have a diverse set of options to choose from making the customization very realistic. This helps enhance productivity and unleash creativity.

Use custom colors using Bamboo Papers
Use custom colors using Bamboo Papers

Alternatives to Bamboo Paper-

In case of any incompatibility issues, here are some alternative apps users may comprehend using-

GoodNotes (iOS): GoodNotes is a very popular note-taking application but is only limited to iOS users.

OneNote (Windows, iOS, Android): Microsoft’s universal note-taking app is appropriate for both casual users and professionals and is applicable for use on all platforms which makes it a pretty handy alternative.

Procreate (iOS): Procreate presents robust drawing and illustration tools however, it is also limited to iOS users only.

Pros and Cons


  • Realistic drawing experience
  • Cross-platform synchronization feature
  • Customizable variety tools
  • Organized system
  • Option to export and share.


  • Features may differ across different platforms
  • Requires a compatible stylus pen for a seamless realistic experience

FAQs about Bamboo Paper:

Is Bamboo Paper a paid app?

The Bamboo Paper application is absolutely free to download and for usage. But some top-notch premium features are to be unlocked through Payments. However, all must-needed features are available for free.

Can the Bamboo Paper app be used without a stylus pen?

Yes, this app can be used without a stylus pen. However, it is preferable to use a stylus pen for a realistic experience,

Is the Bamboo Paper app only available on Android devices?

The Bamboo Paper app is available across devices on iOS and Windows too and not just Android. Thus, from any platform, users will be able to download and use the Bamboo Paper app.

Can I sync my Bamboo Paper notes across devices?

The Bamboo Paper app offers the ability to sync notes across multiple devices to its users. Thus, by enabling sync you will be able to sync your notes and use them on different devices.

Can I customize the paper type and background in Bamboo Paper?

Yes, users will be able to customize their paper type and background as per their preferences. They will also be able to delve into further details related to customization which is one of the best features of the Bamboo Paper app.


To summarize for our viewers, we may conclude by saying Bamboo Paper is a super friendly note-taking and drawing app that provides us with a realistic experience. It is a must-try app for everyone interested in using a digital approach instead of the traditional paper pen way.

Bamboo Paper

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App Informations

App Name: Bamboo Paper
License: Free
Publisher: Wacom Co. Ltd.
Category: Business & Productivity
Operating Systems: Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
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File Size: 117.5 MB
Date Published: 09, October 2023
Date Modified: 15, October 2023

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