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gDMSS CCTV App download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

gDMSS is one of the best tools for surveillance and remote monitoring from far ahead. Depending on the device category and connection type, you can see clearly what is happening with this simple tool.

Download gDMSS CCTV App for PC
Download the gDMSS CCTV App for PC


Remote Monitoring

The app is great for remote monitoring and security. You can connect the devices through Wifi, Wire, or any other means through the internet. After that, you can see things from miles away.


Whenever you are setting it up on a device, you can see different languages available there. You can choose from them whichever you like.

Join Multiple Devices

The app is mainly developed for android. But on Windows and Mac, you can set up the app with the help of an emulator. With an emulator, it runs very smoothly. That’s why you can join multiple devices with this app.

Quick Setup

The app does not need a long time to set up. That is why it is so popular for security purposes.

Join Other Monitoring PCs

You can join other PCs that are being used for monitoring with this app. The option is called P2P. It helps you to make more than one PC surveillance PC. This is an extraordinary capability for this app.


  • One of the best apps for surveillance and monitoring
  • The security app is free to use
  • You can use it on multiple devices
  • More than one pc can be used for surveillance
  • Wifi, wired, cloud, or online search can be used for joining the app for surveillance


  • You may need to use an emulator for running it on a PC
  • Best works with Android
  • For the emulator, the app needs a high configuration PC for monitoring

System Requirements for gDMSS CCTV App

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,9 or 10, for Mac the updated version
  • Processor: Minimum requirement 2.4 GHz, intel or AMD
  • File: 26 MB
  • Android: 4.0.3 or better
  • Need emulator on PC: Yes
  • Devices you can use: Alarm, Door, CCTV Camera, PC, Mobile, or any other devices with a camera
  • Publisher: Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd


How can I download Gdms Lite for PC?

You can download gDMSS lite for PC with the help of an emulator. As it was made for Android, you need an emulator to download it from the play store and run it on your PC. It can be Windows or Mac.

How to log in to gDMSS Plus?

You can log in to gDMSS Plus with an account. If you do not have an account, then you need to sign up for the account. You can do it with an email address. When opening a new account, you will be prompted to select the language and connection type. Do so accordingly and you will get a new account.

How do I view Gdms plus?

From the interface, there is a ‘+’ button in the upper left corner you need to push. Here, you can find the list of the devices you have joined with gDMSS Plus. When you select the one you want to view, it will show you the video.

What is gDMSS Lite used for?

gDMSS Lite is a tool used for security reasons. You can view streams of videos from a remote device with the help of this small tool. It can be far away or within your wifi network. This is a very useful app for security.


The app is very useful for security purposes. If you are willing to check on your security from time to time from a PC or Mobile, this app will do it for you. It is not costly for setup and works quite well under a good connection.


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137.3 MB
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
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18, April 2022
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23, October 2022

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