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Pivot Animator 5.1.17

Publisher: Pivot Animator License: Freeware
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Pivot Animator download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Pivot Animator AKA Pivot is software famous for making 2D stick-figure and sprite animation. It is a Freeware software which means it is available to use for free anywhere. Either you can download it for your PC or laptop. The software is published by Motus Software Limited.

Latest Version

The latest released version is more advanced than any other version released before. Consists of many new features for easy use and good processing.

Pivot Animator Installation

A User-Friendly Animator

The animator is a user-friendly and easy-to-use controlled application. You can use it to animate stick-like objects to move in selected directions. It’s really fun to use and you can create some really cool stick animations with it.

GIF and AVI Export

The frame controls are really easy and you can save your project in GIF formats. Even AVI format is available in the newest versions.

New Options

You will be mesmerized by the latest versions if you have already used the older ones. You will get canvas zoom options, figure outline options as well as virtual camera options for making zoom and pan movements.

More Export Options

Besides, MP4 file format, FFV1 file format, and WEBM file format export are available in the new version. Drawing with Pivot Animator is much easier, smoother, and less time-consuming in the latest versions.

Pivot Animator Animation Creation


  • Has Stick-Figure-Builder since Pivot Animator 2.2 version. It helps you to develop your own stick figures with the software. You can save them in STK format.
  • At first, Pivot Animator had multiple bugs in the software. 
  • You could save it in either GIF or Project-file format. Which is called the PIV format. In the latest versions, you can have AVI formats for the files and all the bugs have been fixed by the developers.
  • Older versions included only one type of stick figure to work with. Now you can use many types of figures for animation.
  • Newer versions include a spacious canvas area to work with.
  • You can undo redo easily with the new versions.
  • Frames can be copied and pasted for easy use.
  • Simple yet fun app to make animations
  • Full control over the animation
  • Articulation points to better time management
  • Free to download


  • Can be a bit too simple at times
Pivot Animator File

Pivot Animator System Requirements

Make sure you have the following eligibility –

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Higher. Windows 10 is recommended.
  • You will need a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit on your PC
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: A minimum of 100MB of HDD Storage is required
  • DirectX 11 or more is recommended

FAQ‘s Pivot Animator

Can you download pivot animator?

Yes, you can download Pivot Animator for your PC. It is Freeware software so you do not need to think about payment. Use it for fun today to create something new.

Is pivot animator virus-free?

Yes, Pivot Animator is a virus free and you can absolutely download it and run it on your computer. Previously it showed warnings from the Windows Defender while installing, but right now the problem is fixed by the publisher.

How do I open pivot animator on PC?

You can install it on a PC. After installation, a shortcut looking like a stick figure will appear on the desktop. You can use this shortcut to open Pivot Animator. Otherwise, you can use the start menu and search Pivot Animator on the search bar to find the program.

How do I download an animator?

You can work with Pivot Animator. It is a Freeware software that helps you in the field of creating animation with the help of stick and sprite figures. You can move them through some selected paths frame-by-frame and get output in AVI or GIF format.


Pivot Animator is a fun software to work with. Therefore, you can use it easily during your fun time.

Pivot Animator 5.1.17

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App Name
Pivot Animator
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538 KB
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
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09, March 2020
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10, October 2023

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