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IrfanView download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

IrfanView is a powerful graphics viewer. It is a good and the first animated GIF creator in the world. The tool is named after the developer of Irfan View. It can be called a converter tool too. It contains too many features. 

Some features of IrfanView

Image Viewer

If you think someone has sent you an image but you can’t open it on your device, if you take the help of Irfan View, you can open the image very easily. The size or format of the image does not matter to Irfan View. It is able to open images of any format.

Play Audio

Sometimes audio doesn’t play due to format only loading. This app is here to solve this problem. You can play an audio of any format by IrfanView and it will take very little time.

Manage Graphics File

With this tool, you can easily handle any kind of graphics-related files. There are various types of graphics files that the device does not want to open easily or takes a long time to open, use Irfan View to solve this problem. Also, you can save those files.

Edit Image

It offers basic editing of images. It means you can crop, resize, and rotate your image. Besides you can filter your image too. Brightness and color contrast also can be changed. You can transfer your image into a file format also.


Irfanview offers you a draw option. So that you can paint simply. You can draw a circle, arrow sign, line, etc. You can also color your painting.


IrfanView will let you print it out. If you do any work using it and want to print it, you can do that too.

Numerous Language

It supports numerous languages. It is a great advantage of IrfanView. Since it supports multiple languages, you don’t need to know English, even you can use Irfan View using your own language.


  • It is very lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Contains simple interface
  • Share option available
  • TIF editing option available
  • An advanced tool
  • Great format converter
  • Supports all popular file format

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Some FAQs of IrfanView

How much does it cost to use Irfan View?

Actually, there is no cost to use Irfan Wedding you can use it for free. But you can create a license if you want. You have to pay to generate the license. The cost of making a license is $12 only.

Can I open PDF files with Irfan View?

Yes, you can open your PDF files with IrfanView.However, you cannot open PDF files with all versions of Irfan View. To open the pdf file you need to use the postscript version (4.95)of this software.

What is the way to scan an image by Irfan View?

Well, First you have to go file option. Then you need to select the scan option or TWAIN source. One list will be shown you have to select the device from that list. Now go to the batch scanning option. One dialog box will appear select OK from here. Then Scanning option will appear now edit and save your image. So it is done.

Can I use Irfan View on Android?

Yes, you can use Irfanview on Android because Irfan View is compatible with the Android version. In that case, you will get the same benefits of IrfanView on Windows as well as on Android.

Our Verdict

IrfanView is very good as a free tool and consists of multiple features. It is very good for various graphics-related work and work like audio video playing, image viewing or gif, and animation. We have used it ourselves and it has given us a very good experience so it is highly recommended

IrfanView 4.62

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4.0 MB64bit

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Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
04, October 2023
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04, October 2023

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