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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
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03, September 2021

There are a large number of music players to choose from, including iTunes and Winamp. However, if you are interested enough, you may discover a decent number of features and tools to arrange and enjoy your Musical Library for less known options like MediaMonkey.

MediaMonkey scans your PC for all music formats automatically. That is important to know that MediaMonkey adds m3u files if you have playlists of other programmes, and it saves the pain of having to reproduce them. You can easily navigate your music collection by categories such as artist, genre, or rating with the file explorer view on the left. Depending on how large, and what sound quality you’re going for, you can convert tracks to any format in MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey now allows you to evaluate and change the track volume to improve your listening experience.

MediaMonkey’s advanced tagging management feature has established its credibility. The programme verifies its tags each time a track is added. Details missing from Amazon or Filename can be filled in automatically. The programme will purify your tags, move data into the correct classes, and sync tags on the chosen paths. Thanks to the auto-organisation function you can also rename and move several files. MediaMonkey also supports Winamp plug-ins, so you can spice up the interface with visualisations plus skins.

You are glad to know that MediaMonkey can rip and burn CDs and DVDs, if you want to make yourself your own CD blend. Create your favourite tracks with a virtual CD and allow MediaMonkey to do its job. Budding DJs love the Auto-DJ mode that mixes tracks for you and the Parties Mode that blocks your settings, but allows everyone to play their favourite tunes. There doesn’t stop MediaMonkey’s versatility. You can also sync with your laptop devices such as your iPod or iRiver with the Music Manager.

You can browse sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or AllPosters to buy tracks if you want to complete your library with a few fresh albums. However MediaMonkey only allows you to browse your searches of online shops, unlike Songbird, where you can type a URL, browse and save your favourite music blogs and sites.

We were decepted by the web radio selection, which features only Shoutcast and Icecast, and were shocked to see anywhere in the application no signs of podcasts. Version 3.0 plans to include this in the application however.

We recommend MediaMonkey to anyone looking for an alternative to iTunes or Winamp, despite these disadvantages. This original music manager is able to organise a massive music bibliothek and provides advanced tag management that is seldom seen in other music applications. MediaMonkey allows you to rip customised CDs and connect to most portable music devices even when the browser and web radio are pretty small. If you like MediaMonkey, you’ll be coughed up with a few bucks and upgraded to Gold, which opens up all functionality of the programme such as identifying missing tracks or auto (smart) playlists.

The new edition includes iPod Nano 6G, iPod Shuffle 4G and iPod Touch 4G compatibility and solves the issues of compatibility with iTunes 10.1. The new edition also contains a number of minor corrections.



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