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3 Build 153

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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Networking, Private Networking




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Psiphon download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Psiphon is censorship ignoring tool that lets you access restricted or blocked content by hiding your IP address. By hiding your IP address, it let you use many blocked apps, websites by ignoring censors and firewalls. It’s open-source software that was solely built to access all blocked sites in your region while keeping your information safe.

Because of hiding Ip addresses, users’ information, privacy is kept intact and let access censored and blocked information available. Psiphon uses the L2TP method to provide maximum security by encrypting the process, and because of encrypting method users surfing remain non-traceable and safe. Psiphon provides various kinds of features to its user to keep their details, privacy safe and smooth.

Psiphon Connection
Psiphon Connection

Transport Mode

By using the L22TP or IPsec method, it will create and path to bypass all of your apps, website, or your surfing and let you access those blocked content you want to access with maximum security. Because of the L2TP method. it uses advanced encryption to provide utmost privacy and security to its user’s information and assess from third parties which is harmful.

Psiphon Settings

Secure Network

By constantly changing the server it operates an outstanding secure network for its user to assess blocked content and service while keeping their action and information safe and private. In process of operating a secure network, it maintains user IP addresses remain hidden, they get high speed, and they remain nontraceable by various harmful parties.

Trusted Service

It operates and maintains an experienced team to protect its user from getting exposed to harmful parties or their information from being leaked. They use their utmost efforts to be transparent in their work process so that the customer remains satisfied about they are safe and secure while using Psiphon. They enable the user to access the blocked sites or apps assessable while remaining anonymous.

Psiphon Abouts

Speed Boost

By optimizing the network this VPN provides a network speed boost to its subscriber. Because of speed-boosting users can access apps, websites quickly and smoothly.


  • Free to download and easy downloadable
  • Various Region available
  • Privacy supported
  •  Maximum security
  • Traffic Alert supported
  • System Tray Sported


  • Speed boost isn’t available to free version
  • If Transport mode enable accuracy fall
  • Split tunnel sometimes failed to achieve censorship utility  
  • Doesn’t support Netflix or torrent
  • Doesn’t support VPN kill switch


Is Psiphon 3 a VPN?

Yes, along with VPN e facilities it also provides Proxy service to its users. Psiphon uses encryption method to operate maximum security to its user to keep their privacy safe. And with proxy service, its users split region server to another foreign server to assess content and services.

What is Psiphon 3 used for?

Psiphon 3 is an open-source utility used to access blocked apps, content by ignoring its censorship ignoring the process. And also, to hide user IP addresses to remain safe.

Is Psiphon 3 a free Vpn?

Yes, it’s free to download and use. But there is also a subscriber option too. Where the user can use the app-in purchase process to buy certain facilities like boosting their network speed-boosting if he wants.

Is Psiphon 3 a virus?

Yes, there was a fake Psiphon 3 which used malware to harm its users. This is why sometimes it was recorded as a virus, but in reality, it wasn’t actually spreading the virus among its user.

Can my ISP track what I am doing?

No, whatever you do by using Psiphon 3, nothing is traceable by your ISP. Because your every action went through an encrypted process, which let you hide your IP address and secure your privacy.

Our Uses

Psiphon 3 is a wonderful open-source VPN and proxy server providing utilities. By using it I was able to mask my IP address and able to access all blocked apps and websites in my region. By using it I was able to choose the suitable and fastest region for my services. Because of its encryption process, my privacy was safe from being leaked and security support was maximum. But still, I couldn’t get a network speed boost because I want a subscriber. Also, if I enabled all apps bypass feature censorship ignoring wasn’t working accurately for all apps.


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