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PuTTY 0.80

Publisher: Simon Tatham License: Free
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PuTTY download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

A Free SSH & Telnet client

PuTTY, which is a free SSH and also a telnet client at the same time. Simon Nathan has made this program for Windows. This program is totally open source & a volunteer team has been supporting this program.

PuTTY Terminal

Secure Download

It is a famous program for Windows. Users can safely download this program from our website.

Connect to your Linux instance from Windows using PuTTY

To connect a Linux instance, the users must do the instructions that are given below:

  • Justify if the instance is prepared.
  • Justify the common prerequisites to connect with the instance.
  • Install the program (PuTTY) on the Device.
  • Switch user’s personal .pem key .ppk with PuTTYgen.

After doing these, users can have the ability to connect their Linux instance.

Here is the method of connecting the Linux instance:

  • Go to the Start menu to start the program “PuTTY“.
  • There should be a category page, where users have to pick a session & finish some fields which will be given.
  •  Again in the category pane, users have to expand the connection & SSH and then pick Auth. After that finish the things which will be shown on the screen.

If users are connecting instances for the 1st time then, the program would show them a security warning box. It will ask the users if they are trusting the host they are going to connect to. Users need to tap “Yes” & finally they would be connected to the instance.

SSH Key Management

PuTTY Interface

SSH Key Management is a mixture of plans, activities & things that could make the users able to secure & Organise the computer-generated key pairs. Users will be allowed by the protected shell keys to authenticate themselves with the network, servers, or the other methods. It would safely share the files without logging in by having an ID or passcode.

Transfer Files to your Linux instance using the PuTTY secure copy client

To transfer any file by using the PuTTY secure copy client, users must do the necessary steps that are given below:

  • First, download the PSCP.
  • Then users have to open the CMD in the directory.
  • At last, they need to type the command PSCP source_file user@host:destination_file. Ex. pscp sample.txt myuser@myhost.com:/mydata/sample.tx

Server for Windows or other platforms

If the users would like to connect with a school or work server then they do not need to be concerned about any server. But, if users want to work with PuTTY to log into their system then they should have a server. For the Windows platform, the ‘Tectia SSH’ would be a better option. It could give the users commercial support.

SFTP file transfer support

About PuTTY

SFTP is a protected file-sharing protocol, which has the capability to run over the SSH protocol. FTP has been replaced by SFPT.

Using Telnet with PuTTY is not recommended

We do not recommend using telnet with PuTTY for some safety issues. It was grown out of a telnet client. So, it’s better for users that they shouldn’t use telnet with it.

Convert Your Private key using PuTTYgen

PuTTYgen Key Generator
PuTTYgen Key Generator

You must do the steps that are given below:

  • At first, open PuTTYgen & tap on the load action place.
  • Then, you need to pick your PPK file.
  • Your keys should be imported then.
  • After that, you should go to the conversion menu & pick the export OpenSSH key.
  • Then you could give a name to your personal key & save this.
  • Lastly, at the main Window, press “Save your Public key“. Then give it a name & save it.


A powerful SSH & Telnet client 

This software is actually a motivation for every kind of subsequent program. This program will give the users various connections for transferring documents. It is one of the greatest SSH & telnet clients.

Easy setup

The setup procedure of this software is really easy & hassle-free. Users just need an installer to set this program up.

The Terminal

This program is the world’s most popular terminal for Windows. It supports the SSH & Telnet with better terminal emulation.


Here is a list of alternatives to this application-

  1. Kitty
  2. MobaXterm
  3. Open SSH
  4. Secure Shell
  5. WinSCP

System requirements for PuTTY

This program does not require any specific hardware or software. It will run with any PC which has Microsoft Windows 10 or later.

A step by step guide to downloading on Window

PuTTY License
  1. You can download PuTTY by clicking on the download button on this page.
  2. Then you have to set the installation folder and accept or manage the folder.
  3. To install it, you need to press ‘install‘.
  4. Then you must accept the authorization for creating differences.
  5. Then the installation will be finished.


  • Free.
  • Secure.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.


  • None.


What is PuTTY?

It is an open-source telnet client and a free SSH. It is an application that is used for network file sharing.

What is PuTTY used for?

It has been used for accessing an ID on a multi-user system from a computer.

Is it safe to use?

This program is safe to use if you install the 32-bit version.

Is it a virus?

No, the program is not a virus at all.

Where can you run this program?

Mostly, it can be run on Windows. But, you can also run this program on Mac or Linux.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there are some alternatives to PuTTY. You can check them on the alternative section of this page.

Editor’s Note

PuTTY has become one of the best SSH clients all the world. It is safe & totally free. Anyone can use this program easily. You don’t need to have any specific hardware to use this program. Shortly, we can say this software is useful & you can install this without any hassle.

Should I download it?

If you wish to get access to an account on a multi-user system from a computer, then you must download this program. It will be really useful to you then.

PuTTY 0.80

3.3 MB32bit


3.5 MB64bit

App Informations

App Name: PuTTY
Version: 0.80
License: Free
Publisher: Simon Tatham
Category: Networking
Operating Systems: Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name 32 Bit: putty-0.80-installer.msi
File Size 32 Bit: 3.3 MB
File Name 64 Bit: putty-64bit-0.80-installer.msi
File Size 64 Bit: 3.5 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code: 858399ee9ee49e15a78c7018dbf0dd73dba8337d6f0adb841896ba553c9a646c
VirusTotal Scan Report: Check Report
Date Published: 18, May 2022
Date Modified: 19, December 2023

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