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Steam download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Steam sells over 30,000 games available for every Windows device to buy and download and enjoy. Check out the new releases, indie classics, casual favorites and all the stuff. Find someone to compete, make friends, interact with interest groups, host and join talks, matches, and tournaments. See how your mates play online or sports and enter the same games quickly. Speak or use your mic to communicate with your buddies in every game.

On Steam, the automated game updates hold the games up to date themselves. By clicking on the free update button, you can download Steam to the PC’s offline configuration installer.


Access your favorite games instantly

It is possible to buy, download and enjoy more than 30.000 games from any device. See the latest releases, the underground classics, the casual favorites, and all of that.

Community membership

Find someone to play, make friends, interact with related interest groups, and host and engage in talks, games, and tournaments. The fun never ceases with more than 100 million future mates (or enemies).

Chat when playing with your mates

See how your buddies are playing sports or online and enter the same games quickly. Chat or interact with your friends in every game using your headset.

Updates to automatic game

Patches are hunted and unorganized websites downloaded in the 20th century. On the application, the games will remain up to date. Don’t hurt.

Discover exclusive offers exclusively for Steam

It offers what players enjoy most, from pre-release discounts to free-play weekends.

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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27, February 2021
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21, June 2022

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