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ThrottleStop 9.0

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ThrottleStop free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Throttlestop is a utility app for controlling and observing the CPU and GPU status of your system. With this one can find out the status of especially thermal, the power limit, and the VMR of a CPU.

ThrottleStop Interface
ThrottleStop Interface

Also, one can check the temperature and clock speed of the CPU. After that, you can reduce maximum CPU frequency, under volt CPU, and CPU.

This reduces CPU maximum frequency so that it can run at a much lowing frequency which increases FPS. Because it eliminates your CPU to run at low frequency which enables more thermal cooling capacity and gives GPU more capacity to run at maximum performance.

Clock Mod

This feature was developed so that users can counter previously used CPU throttling capacity. It is normally efficient in the old chipset. With user can eliminate his CPU core frequency rate so that he can free up more capacity and get better performance. But this feature doesn’t work in the newest chipset.

Set Multiplier

This feature was also developed to increase CPU speed. In an old chipset like the below 5th generation, it works efficiently. If one limits the bus speed of the CPU by a certain limit then he can get a multiply speed boost. But if the set limits were off than a suitable rate then this feature doesn’t work.

Disable Turbo

When the disabled turbo is on, the user gets the best CPU and CPU performance out of it. Because when the turbo is disabled, the CPU runs at a low-frequency rate and frees up more thermal cooling capacity.

Not only does thermal cooling capacity it also increases CPU performance drastically. With this enabling your system power consumption is limited and offers colling support and more battery support.

Power Saver

This feature work only when you have a disabled turbo. without disabling the turbo, you can get output from a power saver. After enabling the power saver, you can get the status of the CPU and where the clock speed needs to reduce. With power save user gets a preferred setting where the system offers a suitable setting that will offer better performance on the old CPU system.

Task Bar

With the taskbar, you can keep the throttle stop keep running in the background. Because throttle stop will get canceled if it’s not sent tray. If you minimize you can’t, get proper status quickly, but when it’s on a tray you can see the quick status of the throttle stop quickly.

ThrottleStop Options
ThrottleStop Options

How do I stop CPU throttling?

To stop CPU throttling do as follows,

  • Run the program
  • Click on the Limit button to check for the reason for the throttle
  • And after getting results from the limit stop data from setting


  • Free to download and use
  • lightweight size
  • Cooling support
  • Long battery support


  • Can’t use throttle stop and overlock at the same time
  • Complex interface
  • Limit warning trigger after a minutes
  • Doesn’t work automatically on windows startup 

FAQ’s on ThrottleStop

What is ThrottleStop used for?

ThrottleStop is a lightweight size application used for throttling three types of CPU which include Thermal, Power limit, and VMR. By throttling CPU types with specific and suitable rate one’s CPU performance increase greatly.

Does ThrottleStop increase performance?

Yes, ThrottleStop is a designed application that throttles the CPU. And because of that, it stops the throttle so that the user can get a speed boost greatly. And with drastic speed gain in CPU, user performance increases.

Is ThrottleStop safe for undervolting?

Yes, the throttle is safe for undervolt at a safe limit. One uses a throttle stop for undervolt to a certain limit where one doesn’t overclock components at the same time. If overclocked then it could be dangerous for the system. You have to use it without changing the clock speed.

How do I cool my laptop with ThrottleStop?

Throttlestop let you throttle your pc system and because of that one can have better performance. In the process, throttling eliminates the frequency rate of the CPU so that it can run at minimum speed and give the best performance and remain cool. To cool your laptop, go to FIVR and reduce the turbo frequency rate.

How do I limit the clock speed of my ThrottleStop?

You can limit your clock speed by throttle stop. For that, you have to go through the turbo limit section and choose your ratio for limiting clock speed as you want.

Our Uses

I am using an old laptop device, which is why after using it for some time it gets overheated and drop performance for various reason. Using a laptop for certain reasons was quite a hassle for me. But after using Throttlestop, I was able to maintain CPU and GPU performance better than before.

With this, I was able to maintain battery, CPU, and GPU turbo frequency rate which cause a low impact on my device and started to give better performance. Also, because of the low-frequency rate, my device didn’t get overheated. And with throttle stop, I was able to eliminate certain processes which offer more thermal cooling capacity for the device.

ThrottleStop 9.0

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22, June 2020
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16, October 2022

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