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Download Manager (FDM) 6.14.2

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Download Manager (FDM) download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Download Manager(FDM) is downloading software that can download anything you want from the internet. It is one of the most used software nowadays. The reason for its popularity is that this software is totally free to use. That means you can download anything from this software for free. You do not need to spend a single buck. This software works something like Internet Download Manager. But sometimes it can work faster than IDM. And surely FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER(FDM) can give you a faster download speed than your browser’s downloading speed. You can even fix the time of downloading time as well as you can take a break and later you can again start the download.


As I said before that FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER is one of the most used downloading software, you can understand that anything can be downloaded through this software. You can download your desired YouTube videos, movies from any websites, songs from Google play music, or any other sources. You can also download your office documents, any large official files, etc. And, all of these files can be downloaded within a few minutes.  Moreover, you do not need to think about your connectivity. If your connection is failed still your downloading process will not hamper. It will just stop your download and whenever your connection will back, the download will start again automatically. And, it will download from where it was stopped.

Fixing The Time

FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER has some more features than just fast downloading. Now it is possible to fix a time for a certain download. That means you can download your desired file at a certain time when you need that file.

To use these features just select your file and fix the time in the scheduling section. If you face any problem to use this feature then just use the developer’s support. They are ready to help you at any time.

File Conversions

FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER not only download your files but also it can convert your files into any format you want. That means you can convert any of your MP4 files into MP3 and many other things. The process is very easy and simple. Still, if you can not use this feature then use the guideline or tutorials.


FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER is very easy to use than any other downloading software. Because all the features of this software are very well arranged. As a result, anyone can easily find out whatever they are searching for. You can just copy the downloading link and paste that in the downloading bar and then click on the start button. After that, the file will start downloading. Even you can download any torrent file by the Download Manager.

Some Extra Features

The download manager has some more features that you can not even imagine. With this software, you can even download anything totally malware-free. Because before starting any download from an unknown source it will be scanned by this software. If any malware or any virus is found then it will give you a warning. And, it may not download the file in case having malware. Besides this, you can even select the data usages while downloading any large files. That means you can even fix the downloading speed.


After all these discussions you can now understand that Download Manager is the best downloading software for you. So download this software and do not forget to rate this great software.

Download Manager (FDM) 6.14.2

27.5 MB32bit


32.2 MB64bit

App Informations

App Name: Download Manager (FDM)
Version: 6.14.2
License: Free
Category: File Sharing , Download Managers
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name 32 Bit: fdm_x86_setup.exe
File Size 32 Bit: 27.5 MB
File Name 64 Bit: fdm_x64_setup.exe
File Size 64 Bit: 32.2 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code: 0a277852147a058145f2e2da10e4172e35ebacaa612bcfd77f02a7e0fff4c6c8
VirusTotal Scan Report: Check Report
Date Published: 23, March 2021
Date Modified: 04, June 2023

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