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Binfer For Windows is an application that you can use for direct device-to-device data transferring. Your data will never be stored on any kind of third-party server.


File Sharing

The file-sharing feature of this software will allow you to share huge files directly from your PC without uploading them on any type of 3rd party server.


This program has bank-level data encryption that will secure your files in transit. It will keep your sensitive documents under wraps. Also, the other servers cannot get your files.

Very Fast

There is no time-consuming for uploading or downloading large files. Large file delivery time will be reduced by at least 50%. If your ISP allows it will transfer large files at the fastest speed.


This software can synchronize your documents between any number of devices, wherever in the world.


You’ll be ensured about the delivery of data of any size and quantity. It will maintain a deep folder & file structure.

Auto Pause & Resume

In circumstances, if the data receiver suddenly goes offline while sending data, then it will automatically pause the transfer process and also it will automatically resume the process when both sender and the receiver come online.

Private Cloud

You can have a private cloud resource by which you’ll be allowed to exchange info in a private environment. This feature is coupled with the binder’s OTR chat tool by which you can communicate and collaborate with 100% of privacy.

Is Binfer For Windows Safe?

Yeah. Binfer is an absolutely safe and secure software for windows. It is totally malware, adware, or spyware-free.

Pros & Cons of Binfer For Windows


  • Easy interface.
  • Drag and drop folders.
  • Transfers are encrypted with it.
  • It has automatic tracking of transfers.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • You can have password-protected messages.
  • Fastest speed.
  • Simply transfer files.
  • Web drop.
  • You can have private communication.
  • Easy to install on Windows.
  • 100% of security.
  • Backups.


  • The UI is a little hard to catch on but in some time you can catch hold of it.

Binfer is a great application for windows. You can have this software for sharing your data/files/folders with security, easily and quickly. So if you are looking for a device-to-device data sharing application then you can install Binfer without any hesitation.

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Full Specifications of Binfer

File Name:
File Size:
79.4 MB
Operating System:
Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
Date Modified:
12, October 2021
File Sharing

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