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ShareKaro 2.1.39

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ShareKaro free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Fast file transfer can save a lot of time and even your reputation in some situations. However, if you don’t have a good file transfer application with you, then it becomes quite tough to handle the situation. On such occasions, Share Karo can be your savior! Share Karo is an all-in-one file transfer platform for all your devices. 


Want to know about what the Sharekaro app offers? Here are the features you want to read about-

Fast File Transfer

Transfer files to other users using ShareKaro
Transfer files to other users using ShareKaro

We know how irritating it is when you want to transfer your files fast, but your app is just not good enough. With Sharekaro, you won’t need to worry about speed at all. Its lightning-fast 480MBps speed is more than enough to transfer your files to another device within seconds!

No Internet, No Worry!

Worried whether the app uses the internet to share your data with another device? It does not need even a moment of internet connection to share your files. So, you can select your files and send them to your second device without thinking about Wi-FI or mobile data. However, you do need to connect your device with another one before you can share.

Share Carefree

Laptop, desktop, Android, or iOS – you don’t have to fret about the support with these devices. Because Sharekaro supports every platform you’ll need. So, you can share files from one Android device to a PC. Even from your Android device to your iOS device as well.

Video Downloader

Download videos using ShareKaro Video Downloader
Download videos using ShareKaro Video Downloader

The most interesting part of this FTP app is that it has a dedicated video downloader. You can browse through multiple sites and star profiles from the app itself. As it’s an Indian app, the page hosts many Bollywood celebrities’ Instagram pages. You can browse and download any video you like.


Backup your files using ShareKaro
Backup your files using ShareKaro

You can back up your crucial files with this app. Connect your mobile device to your PC and then press the backup button. The app will automatically create a backup of your files and store them on the computer. So, even if you lose all of your data from your phone, you can just get it back from your PC.

How to Install ShareKaro on Your PC

Feeling lost after downloading the installation file? You don’t have to with this very easy-to-understand installation guide-

Step 1

Install ShareKaro Step 1
Install ShareKaro Step 1

Click on the executable file and an installation wizard will show up.

Step 2

Install ShareKaro Step 2
Install ShareKaro Step 2

Click next and go through the license agreement. Press on the Next button when you’re done.

Step 3

Install ShareKaro Step 3
Install ShareKaro Step 3

Select the installation location for the file.

Step 4

Install ShareKaro Step 4
Install ShareKaro Step 4

If you want to create a shortcut menu folder, then select a folder. Or else, tick the don’t create shortcut menu box. Click install.

Step 5

Install ShareKaro Step 5
Install ShareKaro Step 5

Wait for the installation to end and you have the file ready to open!


  • Fast file transfer
  • Dedicated video downloader
  • Lightweight size
  • Free of cost


  • Minor bugs

FAQ’s on ShareKaro

Is ShareKaro Available on Android?

Yes, you can get the Android version of the ShareKaro app easily without any extra cost. Just go to your play store and search the app. Once you have that, download, install, and enjoy the fastest file-sharing! 

Is ShareKaro an Indian Program?

Yes, the Sharekaro app is made by Indian developers. It’s the first of its kind from any Indian team of developers. Many compare it to Shareit by saying it’s the Indian version of Shareit.

Is ShareKaro Reliable?

Sharekaro is definitely reliable and safe for your PC and mobile devices. You don’t need to worry about internet connection or security breaches with this application. The app offers good support for all the platforms.

How Can I Download the Application on My PC?

You can download the file-sharing program by clicking on the download button at top of the page. After you get to the redirected page, click again to start the download. Then, the file will automatically start downloading.


Being the first application from an Indian developer team, ShareKaro has made tremendous progress over the years. It has not only stabilized the transfer protocol but also strengthened the security aspects. So, do you suggest the application?

Well, absolutely because the application is very reliable and powerful. If you don’t mind the occasional hiccups, then it can definitely be the ideal choice for everyday file transfers from one device to another!

ShareKaro 2.1.39

11.5 MB

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11.5 MB
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
14, June 2022
Date Modified
17, October 2022

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