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GTPlayer 1.0.5

Publisher: Rizzo Media LP (Free)

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GTPlayer 1.0.5
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26, June 2021

Music is a part of our life. We all love to listen to music for many reasons. Some love to hear romantic songs, some loves to hear sad songs, and some love to hear party songs. We also play music in many programs like birthday parties, weddings, office parties, etc. And we often search for our favorite songs and want to download them for the future. GTPlayer is such an application that can help you to search for your wanted kinds of music and also it can download music for you. Not only this but it can also organize your music and make an album for your kind of music.


As a music player, GT player gives you many opportunities. It comes with some awesome features that will make you love this player.

  1. First of all, it has a great and strong music search. You can find all of your desired music. It will not disappoint you. 
  2. Secondly, it comes with a great downloader system. You can call it a multi-functional downloader. With that, you can download music from any platform such as YouTube. You can download music in any format. Even it is possible to download music FLAC.
  3. You can also play music online. It totally depends on you whether you wanted to download music or you want to play it online.
  4. It will give you a playlist manager with that you can easily connect with your audio music. This makes your music library easier to use for you.
  5. Finally, the GT player will always inform you of the music trends. So you can always connect with popular songs.

Looking and Interface

This GUI has, first of all, an elusive style, which offers consumers with eye trouble or night job a nice feature. The player is situated at the top, in the toolbar, as far as its configuration is concerned. Below, you can see the search field producing the entire center panel result. The list can be scrolled and includes simple details (title and duration) for your albums.

A smaller pane can be seen at the bottom of the interface. Both downloaded songs and the file type (format) state and title are listed there. The file formats available are MP3, MP4, MA4, and FLAC. Free MP3, MP4, MA4, and FLAC are also available for download.

Searching and Downloading

GTPlayer is an outstanding tool for users who are bored of listening to a song or reaching it from the internet with three or four separate programs. Use the search field to browse the created list and enjoy the music to view a list of songs. Drag and drop one to the download list for streaming tracks.

There is no equalizer or any other likelihood of changing the audio output as a minor drawback with respect to audio settings, but in the end, the remainder covers this missing link.


The GTPlayer is a clever and realistic guitarist who is able to directly look up the Web from the user interface and can even download the web in 4 key formats quickly. Recommended to all people who are fatigued to either listen or download a song using various applications.

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Christan Musampa
Christan Musampa
2 months ago

Like it so much


GTPlayer Old Versions

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