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IObit Driver Booster Free

Publisher: IObit Lab (Free)

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IObit Driver Booster Free is a tool that will always keep your drivers up to date. Everyone wants to use his or her PC without any kind of problem. So to use your PC properly or without having any kind of problems you need many kinds of facilities and features. The works of your PC should not only be cleaned but also optimized properly. You need your processor to work very fast. You need to monitor the condition of your PC. The private data of the PC is needed to be secured from everything. You have to fix the errors of your hardware. IObit Driver Booster is exactly the thing which you must need to get those facilities.

Working In Various Sides

IObit Driver Booster Free is not so costly as other apps like this. It is totally free for everyone. You can use it without spending a single amount of money from your pocket. It is also very popular for its multipurpose activity. The functions of IObit Driver Booster are so arranged. When there happens any problem with your PC, you get tensed. You start to find where the problem is and it causes a big wastage of time.

Sometimes you cannot find where the problem is and your PC starts to getting damaged day by day. Then you need to hire someone to detect the problem and solve the problem. But IObit driver booster will make your life so easier. It will identify the problem and fix the problem. IObit Driver User will enhance the works of your PC. You can see the speed of your PC. You can see if there is any update needed on your computer. Like other apps, IObit driver Booster also has a pro version also.


IObit Driver Booster doesn’t waste too much memory of your PC. It also can work in the background.  It wastes a little amount of RAM. Also, it does not waste any power of your processor. It will observe and control the condition of your computer so sharply that hardly there will be any kind of problem. It will raise the performance of your PC. IObit Driver Booster is very important for gamers. If the gamer’s PC has this app he can play his games comfortably and smoothly and there will hardly happen any kind of problem.


There are many tools in IObit Driver Booster. Such as system informing, resolution adjusting, audio fixing, etc. The basic tools of the app don’t cause any kind of money. It also can fix the failure of your network. It can identify the problems of your device and solve them. And, it will update the software of your device. It will update the system of your device also. Without these, this app has also other useful tools.


There are many apps you can find like IObit Driver Booster. But this app will give you some more features and facilities which you will not find in the other apps. If you have this app on your device, at least you will not work on your device blindly. There will hardly be any problem. You can work on many things and get help in many ways with this app. At last, you can say that IObit Driver Booster is an all-rounder app which is many in one.

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Full Specifications of IObit Driver Booster Free

IObit Driver Booster Free
File Name:
File Size:
25.6 MB
Operating System:
Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
21, January 2021

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