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TeamSpeak Server 3.5.0

Publisher: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH (Non-Commercial Freeware)

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TeamSpeak Server is useful to send group message from any place in world. You can also send video call and voice message using it. You can also easily send private messages and calls to a member of a group.

It specially designed for company conference so that a company member can join in a meeting or a conference directly from their home. By using it you can share files among all people of a group or individually. You can also record your conversation using it.


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Full Specifications of TeamSpeak Server

TeamSpeak Server 3.5.0
File Name 32 Bit:
File Size 32 Bit:
6.73 MB
File Name 64 Bit:
File Size 64 Bit:
7.41 MB
Operating System:
Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
29, November 2020
Non-Commercial Freeware

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