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Tor Browser

Tor Browser 9.0.7

By: torproject (Free)

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Tor Browser is one of the best private browser. It helps you to preserve your privacy online. By using this browser you can experience the anonymized web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. So it will be very helpful for private use and business use. It also helps you to secure your computer so that ISPs, key loggers and other types of malware won’t able to track your activities easily.

Tor Browser works like “Onion Routers”. You can also turn off or turn on the anonymity of your browser when you are using it. It also has the ability that lets you choose from various proxy tunnels based on a world map that displays exactly where each one is located.

Its interface is very easy to use and user friendly. Its interface is quite same as the Firefox web browser.


Technical Details

Title: Tor Browser
File Name: Tor_Browser_v9.0.7.exe
File Size: 64.98 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Version)
Date Added: March 25, 2020
License: Free
Author: torproject