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Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.8.7


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Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a program that frees you from operating pressing the mouse again. It’s easy but adequate for daily use. And, it’s FREE absolutely! Simple, easy, and handy. Help Click on the location of the mouse. Right, left mouse help button and double click single. Mouse assist interval click. Start and end hotkey help.


Free Mouse Auto Clicker is easy to use. It has fast auto-click mouse settings that offer short mouse clicks automatically. To auto-click at the time interval chosen set the free clicker app. Options to configure the left or right cursor auto press. The mouse clicker automation software is quick and can be set to one or two clicks. To start and stop the automatic clicker mouse, you can use keyboard keys to control it. Only put your mouse cursor to the position you select and push the start button or use the Hotkey keyboard. A visual cue, a red target, is shown if you click automatically on your favorite game, such as Minecraft or WOW (World of Warcraft).


  • Most light
  • Alternative period
  • Position random
  • Any sequence number and click location
  • Ideal for game hacking! You click! You click!
  • Very straightforward!
  • System for Logging
  • Very quick
  • It has a system for plug-in
  • I completely advocate emulation of the keyboard
  • Advanced ‘click,’ never the same way is the cursor – you can’t detect this program in any game by defining a random time and a random click area =
  • There was a mistake. Very light!!! Very light!!!
  • Constantly developed = every error is immediately correct, any suggestions, comments are taken into account
  • Lingual multiple.
  • Quite intujcyjny, with a new style.


Overall, the Free Mouse self-propelled vehicle Clicker is super light-weight, uses negligible machine resources, but it’s pretty basic. Having same that, it’ll its job well. You can use ReShade to improve the graphics quality of your video games.


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Full Specifications of Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.8.7
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463.26 KB
Operating System:
Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Date Published
Date Modified:
18, June 2021

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