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Windows Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.331

Publisher: Microsoft (Free)

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Windows Movie Maker 2012 uses hardware acceleration to accelerate the export and encryption of content. A new video-stability option is now available, which is a benefit for those who do not provide the feature with cameras. Default now is the output of videos to h.264.
The Windows Movie Maker 2012 GUI remains largely the same, but the inclusion of audio is more simple as you can now view music from the AudioMicro, Online Music Library, and Vimeo Music Store services. In the video timeline, a waveform is given to let you see the location of the audio in the video.


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Full Specifications of Windows Movie Maker 2012

Windows Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.331
File Name:
File Size:
1.18 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
03, March 2021
Video Editing Software

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