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OpenShot Video Editor 2.6.1

Publisher: Jonathan Thomas License: Free
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OpenShot Video Editor 2.6.1 Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32) bit PC. Free download the latest version 2023 of the software from NearFile.

Technical Details

App Informations

App Name
OpenShot Video Editor
File Name 32 Bit
File Size 32 Bit
165 MB
File Name 64 Bit
File Size 64 Bit
166 MB
VirusTotal Hash Code
VirusTotal Scan Report
Operating System
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
02, March 2021
Date Modified
26, October 2022

OpenShot Video Editor free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)


OpenShot Video Editor is a video editing tool that makes video editing so easy. It has numerous features so that you can edit your video in different ways. Its initial release was eight years ago and the stable release was 1.5 years ago. OpenShot Video Editor has already won awards for its great success.

OpenShot Video Editor Homepage
OpenShot Video Editor Homepage


Video Effects

OpenShot Video Editor lets you add a variety of effects to your basic video which will make your video more attractive. Apart from changing the brightness of the video, you can also change the background of the video.

Change Canvas

You can adjust the canvas of your video as desired. This means you can change the frame of your video. You can make the frame smaller, larger or rectangular, or square.

Crop and Trim

With OpenShot Video Editor you can crop and resize your video. Not only that you can trim your video means you can cut the unnecessary part from the video.

Slow Motion

With the slow-motion feature, you can increase the original duration of your video. Conversely, you can decrease the duration.

Add Audio

You can add external audio to your video. It can be any voice recording you have made, any song, or any music. Even you can adjust the volume of the audio.

Add Title

After creating the video, adding the title is an important thing. While titling the video you will get many types of fonts to use and many colors available to make the fonts colorful.

Use Animation

You can use 3d or 3d animations in the video which will make the titles move in your video. Snow falling or stars showering from above etc. facilities you will get in animation.

Rotate and Sticker

You can also rotate your video and use custom stickers. Some stickers will be available automatically and you have to download the rest of the stickers.

Join clips

You can use this feature if you want to join several video clips together to make a complete video.

System Requirements for OpenShot Video Editor

  • Operating System: 64-bit, Linux,  OSX,  Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor:  Multi-core processor with 64-bit support.
  • Ram: 4GB,16GB is recommend 


  • A great video editor
  • Simple interface
  • User friendly 
  • Free to use
  • 70+ languages available
  • Unlimited tracks


  • Sometimes takes much time to be saved

FAQ’s on OpenShot Video Editor

Is OpenShot good for video editing?

Undoubtedly it is a good tool for video editing. It contains lots of features so there is no shortage of options during video editing. It is the best option for perfect video editing in an easy way.

Is OpenShot completely free?

Yes, OpenShot Video Editor is completely free for video editing. It is an open source. To use this tool you just need to install it. You don’t have to buy any features.

Can I make a professional video with OpenShot?

Actually not. You cannot make professional videos with an open-show video editor why not it doesn’t allow a watermark? 

Can I share the video?

Yes, you can share the video that you have edited with OpenShot.For this, you need to save the edited video first. Then use the share option.

Is OpenShot safe to download?

Of course, it is safe to download and use. It is only a great video editor. It doesn’t allow any viruses or harmful issues. It never damages your device.

Our Verdict

I have personally used OpenShot Video Editor and it has given me a very good experience.OpenShot Video Editor has all the features I need for perfect video editing. If you want to edit any of your personally created videos, this can be a great choice. Also, if you are a YouTuber, this is a great way to practice your editing skills.


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