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Array SSL VPN 8.4.6

Publisher: Array Networks License: Shareware
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Array SSL VPN download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Array SSL VPN for PC is one of the best remote access services you can find over the internet.

During the time of the pandemic, all the corporate personnel depended on remote access for meeting and working. The need often proved problematic for people who do not have good access to security.

For the people who do not have access to the internet secure enough, they should look for Array SSL VPN for PC.

Array SSL VPN Download for your PC
Array SSL VPN Download for your PC

How Does It Work?

Array SSL VPN for PC actually offers direct access to your office data over the internet through their secured server. You can manage clients as well as keep your confidential files secured while accessing them. The VPN uses SSL/TLS Encryption and high-quality security that cannot be breached.

All the access users just need to use the same browser. This is the only catch you will face.


High-Quality Security

Array SSL VPN for PC provides high-quality security for the users. The devices that are accessing a certain server are identified through the network and given certification on authentication. As a result, non-authenticated devices cannot access the server without prior

authorization. LDAP, OIDC, or IDaaS as well as single sign-on all are available.

Multiple Platforms

Array SSL VPN for PC is not just for PC. While you can use it on Windows and Mac, you can also use the same application on iOS, Android, and Linux.

As it is a multi-platform application, all office work can be done from different devices. Sales software can be easily accessed from different devices although you will need verification and authentication for your devices.

Open for Trial

While it is not completely free, you can indeed use the remote access service for a trial period. Array SSL VPN for PC is one of the best remote access servers for corporate works because of its security and high reliability. The user authentication and portals availability makes it very useful for managing your business.

Customizable Virtual Portals

The application provides you with 256 customizable portals through which you can access your servers easily. The servers are well secured to use and will not let you down on your security. Every one of the servers is very complicated to breach. The vast number of servers give you control over your security as you like.

Configure your Array SSL VPN
Configure your Array SSL VPN

System Configuration for Array SSL VPN for PC

After opening the VPN client, click a profile and then click create. Put a name according to your business or personal use. Find the VPN server IP address for your website. And put it in the VPN server text box. Put 443 in the VPN Port text box.

At last select OK to proceed.

Configure your Array SSL VPN
Configure your Array SSL VPN

Technical Requirements for Array SSL VPN

  • Windows: 7, 10, and more
  • RAM: Recommended 8 GB as the VPN can often make the usage slower
  • Internet: Internet should be minimum 5MBPs
  • HDD: 100MB to 1GB space is enough to run the application


  • Manage your sales and clients securely
  • Access over 256 servers to enhance security
  • Cloud-based working environments for users
  • Multiple layer virtual authentication systems
  • Security enhancement over the networks


  • All the users need to use the same browser, even on different platforms
  • Multiple layer authentication for devices can be often demotivating for the clients
  • Tight security can be problematic for the end users to access the files and servers as per necessity

Our Uses

The application is a paid app and has many functions. You can use it to run a whole business. Certainly not recommended for personal use. Rather corporate organizations can easily get benefitted from the application. Array SSL VPN for PC is one of the best Virtual Private Networks which authenticates the device first and then gives the user access. This certainly adds benefit to the corporate users. Besides the layers of security and the servers available are pretty good to work with for maximum security.

Array SSL VPN 8.4.6

App Informations

App Name: Array SSL VPN
Version: 8.4.6
License: Shareware
Publisher: Array Networks
Category: VPNs
Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Language: English
File Name:
File Size:
Date Published: 19, August 2022
Date Modified: 23, October 2022

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