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Azure VPN Client 1.1196.33.0

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Azure VPN Client 1.1196.33.0 Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32) bit PC. Free download the latest version 2023 of the software from NearFile.

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Azure VPN Client
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Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
25, August 2022
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02, September 2022

Azure VPN Client free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

While the VPN segment recently became quite competitive with tons of different offerings, there are some classic VPN clients available. And Azure VPN client is one of those. Curated and managed by the famous Microsoft company, Azure VPN has been one of the key VPN gateways ever made for professional users.


Let’s get to know some of the great attributes of this VPN client-

Universal Connection

P2S or Point-to-Site connection provides the perfect stage to set your computer with a completely safe and secure network. It even creates the platform to get connected with all the virtual networks available on the Azure client.

Azure VPN Client Download for your PC
Azure VPN Client Download for your PC

You can be on the go and still enjoy the features of Azure, anytime you want.


Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider. On top of that, more than 3,500 security experts dedicatedly work to level up data security and privacy.

Azure VPN Client Settings
Azure VPN Client Settings

So, you can understand that it aims to provide the best VPN experience for anyone out there.


Here’s the full gateway hourly chart depending on the bandwidth and other parameters-

VPN Gateway Type                            Price  BandwidthS2S TunnelsP2S Tunnels
Basic                         $0.04/hour    100 MbpsMax 10 1-10: Included 11-30: $0.015/hour per tunnel  Max 128 1-128: Included 129-250: $0.01/hour per connection  
VpnGw2                                             $0.49/hour1 GbpsMax 30 1-10: Included 11-30: $0.015/hour per tunnel    Max 500 1-128: Included 129-500: $0.01/hour per connection    
VpnGw3                                             $1.25/hour1.25 GbpsMax 30 1-10: Included 11-30: $0.015/hour per tunnel    Max 1,000 1-128: Included 129-1,000: $0.01/hour per connection    
VpnGw4                                           $2.10/hour5 GbpsMax 100 1-10: Included 11-100: $0.015/hour per tunnel    Max 5,000 1-128: Included 129-5,000: $0.01/hour per connection    
VpnGw5                                           $3.65/hour10 GbpsMax 100 1-10: Included 11-100: $0.015/hour per tunnel    Max 10,000 1-128: Included 129-10,000: $0.01/hour per connection    

While these are just estimated costs based on approximate hours of usage, you can get the general picture.


  • Made for professional use
  • Lots of certifications
  • Rigorous development and security updates
  • No hidden charges


  • It can be a bit difficult for beginners


How do I use the Azure VPN client?

To use your Azure VPN client, you need administrator control of your computer. Go to your VPN settings and connect to the existing created one. Find Azure Virtual Network and tap connect.

Is Azure VPN client free?

Yes, you can enjoy most of the features of Azure VPN without any payment. However, some features may need additional charges as they are more advanced attributes.

Is Azure a good VPN?

Without any doubt, Azure is, indeed, a great VPN client for most users. It even ranked 9th in the top Enterprise Infrastructure VPN tools. On top of that, it has good customer reviews as well.

How do I set up an Azure VPN?

To set up your Azure VPN client, go to the portal first. Then, go to search resources, services, docs and find the virtual network option. Select a virtual network and click Create.


So, what do you think about the Azure VPN Client? Obviously, it’s one of the most professional-grade VPNs that you need a bit of time to get acquainted with. Still, we really think it can hugely make your internet experience more clean and efficient.

That’s why you can definitely try it out and see the difference that it brings!


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