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Lightworks free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Video editing has become one of the most manageable tasks in recent times just because of powerful video-editing tools. LightWorks, an application developed 30 years ago, still provides extreme support to its users when it comes to video editing.

Edit your videos using Lightworks
Edit your videos using Lightworks

It’s so popular that even Oscar-winning video artists use the application for their aesthetic video pieces. But what exactly is so extraordinary about this simple video editing tool? That’s what you’ll find out today.

So, let’s get started!

Features of this software

Want to know more about this video editor? Then go through all of these exciting features and the latest inclusions in recent updates –

Universal Format Compatibility

The best thing about any video tool can be its versatility. Well, Lightworks definitely lives up to that expectations. You can just drop your video without thinking about whether the application supports that format or not. Why? Because this software supports unmatched video format. Also, you can just use the export feature to transfer your videos in the app quickly.

Fluid Workflow

This video editing tool can convert any type of frame rate file to its native resolution. So, your video will look smooth and crispy, even with different layers. Also, video optimization allows users to increase the performance of the editing. In addition to that, you get storyboard bins that can store and pre-edit your video sequence to deliver a fluid transition.

Creative Control

In the creativity section of this software, you can get the powerful timeline feature, motion graphics and VFX addition, cloud connection, and many more. The whole interface is made to seamlessly connect your every command.

Best advanced video editor
Best advanced video editor

You can check the real-time shared bins to quickly update or change the sequences. Another great feature is the cloud connection. The files are automatically uploaded to your cloud account where you’ll find your small to large projects.

Immense Flexibility

Once you open the application, you’ll quickly realize that Lightworks is made for video enthusiasts. You will find advanced metadata capabilities, customizable layouts, keyboard shortcuts, and various nifty things. Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, if you’re a video editor, you already know how valuable those are, right?!

So, you won’t be restricted while your favorite videos.

Aural Synergy

Video editing can’t be completed without audio mixing. And to solve all the audio issues you might have with your edits, Lightworks include built-in EQs and filters. Well, that’s not all. You can design your own EQ presets, do voiceovers, or get automatic support from the tool itself. So, the only thing you need to do exploring the application and find your sweet spot!

Additional Features include-

  • Creative Transitions
  • OpenFX Plugins
  • Color Correction
  • Filters and LUTs
  • Universal timeline
  • Hardware support
  • Multi-OS compatibility

Pros of Lightworks

  • Cool effects and transitions preset
  • Audio EQ integration
  • DAW workstation
  • 4K and unmatched media support
  • Availability of free version

Cons of Lightworks

  • The free version has some limitations

FAQs of Lightworks

Is Lightworks for free?

Yes, Lightworks has a free version as well as paid versions. The paid versions include two packages named Create and Pro.

Is it better than Filmora?

Compared to Filmora, it has fewer features and less flexibility. But that does not mean Lightworks is bad.

Is Lightworks better than Premiere Pro?

No, Premiere Pro is definitely better if you want higher performance and quality edits. However, it is great for home or casual usage.

Is it good for beginners?

Compared to other video-editing software, it is very good for beginners. The tools are easy to use and the interface does not include many learning curves.

Is it free without a watermark?

Yes, it is free and does not include a watermark. You’ll be able to get clean and perfect edits from this awesome video-editing tool.


The moment of truth, finally! So, what do you think about Lightworks after such a long and detailed read? I think you’ve already started to like it a bit. If that’s the case, then I invite you to download the application and get started with your new adventures in the video-editing realm!

Lightworks 2022.3

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